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I’m Gonna Be a Sought After Cake Decorator in my spare time….and YOU can’t stop me, Lupus!

After feeling down for a while (please refer to last entry) I decided to search the internet for other places that I can take cake decorating classes right here in Toronto. I’m over being upset because I can’t go to the Cordon Bleu (for now…) to take more pastry classes. But I just know that I will go there or an equally fantastic pastry school sometime soon!

I found another great cake decorating school in Toronto called Bonnie Gordon’s School of Cake Design. They seem to offer some cool classes that I can’t find at my current cake decorating school. I plan on taking a class there called “Baking and Buttercream” as well as a class called “Modelling Chocolate”. The Baking and Buttercream class will, well, teach the tricks of the trade in terms of baking good cakes, making sure it’s moist, etc. I’ll gain a good amount of useful receipes for cakes. The class will also teach the methods of making buttercream. From the reviews I’ve seen on the website, the buttercream that will be made in this class is not only delicious, but some long time cake decorators who have taken that class have actually switched their tried and true buttercream recipes after taking this class. I think it’s better to take such a course now instead of getting bad habits.

The modelling chocolate course will teach how to utilize/create Belgian modeling chocolate. It will also teach how to cover cakes with it, how to create bows and ruffles, flowers, leaves, and so forth. It’ll be fun to learn how to work with it.

By the end of June, I’ll have finished my advanced cake decorating course and my wedding cake course too. I’m thinking of taking the intermediate wedding cakes course at Bonnie Gordon’s. It’s a bit expensive thou….$750……plus GST! However if I get back to working my full hours, I might just consider doing it. The hands on experience that I gain will be good, and if I can obviously make the money back if I sell some cakes!

Below is the description for the class. I guess aside from just learning some more advanced cake decorating skills, it also offers some other stuff to:

This intermediate-level course is for individuals who have already completed Bonnie’s introductory level programme and would like to further their studies in custom cake design. Skills taught in this course include how to level, dowel and assemble multi-tiered cakes, brush embroidery, pressure piping and painting on cakes. In addition to the hands-on component, this course will cover client consultations and cake tastings; the design process and translating designs into beautiful one-of-a-kind centerpieces. Other topics covered will be delivery & setup, marketing your cakes and participation in wedding shows. As a special treat, wedding and event designer Diana Shin of Bliss will join us to share her knowledge and expertise. Michael Kohn of Michael Kohn Photography will also join us to discuss photographing cakes for your cake portfolio. Students work on challenging individual cake-design projects which allow for multiple-learning and sharing opportunities within a highly creative environment
Sounds pretty sweet. We’ll see. If I don’t take it soon, I might take it in the fall or the winter.
Dialysis training Tomorrow.
Gastric Emptying Test on Thursday morning…+ my dialysis machine is coming, + my dialysis supplies. Wee!

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