My ankles hurt. Both of them. I’m wondering if its Lupus related joint pain. I usually don’t get joint pain aside from the avascular necrosis in my left hip and right knee. My left hip has been giving me problems lately too…especially when I’m trying to sleep. I did some Lupus blood tests today to make sure nothing is up, so I’ll check up on those results either tomorrorw or the day after.

I have two sets of buttonholes now in my fistula. The second set/new set had been giving me problems when I tried to cannulate. Today, aside from a few tries when trying to put the arterial blunt needle in, everything went well. The venous went in on the first try. I’m happy and glad that it did. I’m gonna use the second set of button holes again on Friday just to make sure I’m comfortable with them.

At dialysis, there’s this new guy who is probably around my age (early-mid 20s). He’s forever listening to his Ipod….which is fine. However he BLASTS his music sooo loud and it’s quite annoying. The other day I brought my math homework with me so I could work on it while on dialysis but that certainly didn’t work. I can hear every lyric to every song he listens to. The guy must be in love with hedley because he listens to them over and over again. Every single day he has it really loud. When I ask a nurse to tell him to turn it down, he turns it down, but as soon as they leave, he turns it back up again. Today when I asked Liz, one of the nurses, to tell him to turn it down, I heard him say “Ok.” to her, but he didn’t even pretend to turn it down a bit. Only a few more days to go and I won’t have to worry about his inconsiderate ass anymore. I don’t know what this guy’s problem is. I’m not taking it on Friday. I’m gonna tell him myself to turn his crap music down.

Tomorrow is my gastric emptying test. I have no idea wat to expect except for the fact that I’ll be eating some eggs and toast! My mom isn’t working tomorrow so she’s going to be home when the dialysis techs come to deliver my dialysis machine. Good times. I honestly can’t wait to be done with this. I’m glad that this new guy didn’t start the same time as I did or else we’d have some serious problems.

Dr. Richardson came to see me today. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since I’ve started home hemo. He’s been away for quite some time. He told me that sometimes people have trouble getting to sleep when they start home hemo, but soon afterwards, they get used to it and they actually end up sleeping much better than before. I hope so…..I seriously look forward to not having stomach aches every day/dialysis, and being able to sleep comfortably and soundly through the night.

My parents also want to head off to Buffalo tomorrow to do some shopping. Tomorrow should be a busy day.

I was quite angered today when I went to type in my blog. On the left of my blog I have a tag board where people can leave comments and such. When I looked at it today, some guy named “Kevin” posted a link to his yahoo gambling site! How angry was I! You’ll notice that it’s not there anymore because I deleted it…but still annoying! >:-(


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