To Buffalo for a Few Hours!

On Thursday, a few hours after my gastric emptying test, my mom, dad and I went to Buffalo. My mom had wanted to go shopping in Buffalo for a few weeks now, and since it’s Easter weekend, my mom had some time off from work so we decided to go.

Luckily, I had this in mind when I went to do my gastric emptying test. Since they’d be giving me some sort of radioactive contrast, I knew that it would be detected in my body when we hit the border. That being said, when I got to my appointment, I asked them to write me a letter that I could take with me in case they asked me any questions at border patrol.

When we approached the border, my dad got the letter ready. When we reached the border patrol officer, my dad handed the officer my letter as well as the passports. He first looked at all of our passports, then opened my letter. When he read the letter, he kind of smiled and nodded. He then said “Ahh, yup. We did actually pick something up on our scanner”. He instructed us to park in a nearby parking spot. We parked and entered the building. Another border patrol officer pointed that radar gun looking thing at me to pick up the substance in my body. While he was doing that, my dad was instructed to give another border patrol officer our car keys so he could search our car. The whole process took about 15 minutes or so. Though one of the guys did mention that it was good that we had the letter or else it would have taken even longer. So good for me…I guess!

Anyhow, when we got to Buffalo, we headed straight for Walden Galleria Mall. It was ok. I bought a pair of black flat shoes. They’re pretty cute. My mom bought a jacket and a few other things here and there. My dad bought pumpkin seeds at a convenience store to eat on the way home LOL.

When it was time to come home, it was totally dark and we totally got lost. Eventually we found our way back to the border which was great! LOL

Man, I can’t wait until my dialysis machine is set up and I can skip going to the hospital!!

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