I’m at a point where I’m beginning to feel SO overwhelmed.

I have so many things going on right now. Do you ever have so many things going on and you just wish that instead of today being today, “today” was 3 weeks from now, because if today was 3 weeks from now that would mean all of the stuff you need to do would be done and overwith?

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have to get an extension on my online finite course. The end date of that course is supposed to be April 23rd, as in, I’m supposed to write the final exam on or before then. I don’t think that’s going to happen. According to the course’s website, I’m allowed to request a course extension…but that would cost me money. Boo-urns.

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own body. I just don’t feel like doing stuff sometimes. I’m just soo tired, and even unmotivated sometimes. Like honestly, I’m not a big fan of math. This course is like a road block that is shielding me from my ultimate goal, which is to officially get into my HR program. I wish I could just get into the program, do what I have to do, finish school, and keep it moving. Obviously I hope that my dream will come closer to reality now that I’m almost in place to start doing dialysis at home. I do fear the numerous warnings from others telling me that I likely won’t be able to sleep for the next month or so….oh man…the next like 8 weeks is gonna be rough…

Well, some happy news: I started my intermediate cake decorating class yesterday. I worked in the morning from 7:30am to 12:30pm. My mom picked me up and shuttled me right on over to my class which started at 1:30pm and continued to 4:30pm. This class is a lot smaller than my introduction to cake decorating class. My intro class had about 16-19 people, and this class had 9 people.

For this intermediate cake decor class, we’re making a dummy cake (not a real cake, it’s styrofoam). Yesterday, we kneaded the colour into our fondant. The fondant that was given to us was ready made fondant that can be purchased from the school itself. It was white, but we wanted it to be an ivory colour, so some colour was added to the fondant and we kneaded the colour in. After that, we rolled our fondant out so that we could use the fondant to cover our square piece of styrofoam. Prior to covering the styrofoam with the fondant, we covered the styrofoam with piping gel so that the fondant would adhere to it. After covering the sytrofoam and triming the edges, we rolled out the remaining fondant to cover our cake board. The cake board was also covered with piping gel. Covering the cake board with fondant gives the illusion of a bigger cake.

Now that both the cake board and the styrofoam were covered, we used a bit of royal icing on the cake board to stick the styrofoam to to the cake board. Next, we had to mark our cake. We had to measure the midway point of all four corners of the cake, then measure half an inch intervals around the whole cake. We measured by putting a small hole with a pick at the bottom of the cake. Then, at each half an inch interval, we had to mark the sides of our cakes. I’m assuming its because we’re going to do some string work next week and we have to make these marks to show where we’re going to attach the string…so it’s even. After that, we piped some royal icing shells along the bottom of the cake where the cake/styrofoam and cake board met. This make it look a lot neater. Lastly, we made pink royal icing drop flowers on parchment paper. We’ll be using those probably next week. Lora, our instructor (same instructor from introduction course! 🙂 ) told us to pack our patience for next class as we were going to be doing string work. I hope it goes well! I plan on taking some pictures next week to post. After we cleaned up, Lora did a demonstration. She showed us how to make fondant from scratch. It was pretty easy and fast….about 10 minutes. But after making it you have to rest it for about 24 hours. The fondant was REALLY good. Delicious, in fact.

While I was making my drop flowers, one of the ladys who works at the school came up beside me and whispered something in my ear. She said “I nearly had a heart attack. A police officer came in and told me that he was here to arrest you!” I started laughing immediately. That police officer was my father. He’s always causing trouble everywhere I go! I turned around and saw that smiling face belonging to my father. What a character.

All of that being said, all I had to eat since that morning was a donut and a cup of tea. I also had a can of coke 2 hours into my shift. At cake decorating class, luckily Lora brought some cake. I scarfed down 2 small pieces of cake. Most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten….or probably just really good cake that tasted even better because I was starving.

I was exhausted afterwards. When I got home, I turned my dialysis machine on to give it a rinse. Everything went well. I got one “no water” alarm, but it quickly resolved itself. I hope it doesn’t give me many problems.

After that, my mom and I went to pick my dad up from work. When we returned home, I ate my dinner and pretty much passed out. I work up for a few minutes here and there, but pretty much slept from 10pm to 7am. In between, I watched a bit of the movie SWAT on tv. I also observed Earth Hour from 8pm-9pm. I was proud that my mother and father participated as well.

Now, I’m thirsty and a bit tired again. I still have much to do today. I have to sort out a couple of things where my taxes are concerned, find my math textbook and notebook to do some work, sort out all of my dialysis supplies which are currently sitting in sealed boxes in my living room, clean out the spare bedroom to make space to put all of these boxes….bah!

Wish me luck :…(

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