I went to work today. I usually work from 9am to 2pm, but I stayed until 3pm because we had a meeting at work. I thought it was important for me to attend the meeting as many important things were discussed. We discussed things related to what the company’s expectations would be for us in terms of performance. I was happy to finally be at work on the day of a meeting so that I could get that feedback and information.

Before the meeting I also had a one on one meeting with my manager. She gave me some feedback on my performance so far and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m happy with my progress so far and I think that things can only get better from here on end. Due to the fact that I’m still on LTD (long term disability), my work stats don’t currently count towards the team or even to my own personal development. My manager is going to work on getting the stats that I do generate while working to count. I hope they do as it all goes into your personal file. I’ve been with the company since 2003 and I have limited information in my file stats wise as none of my stats have counted for a long while. By default, if you’re working but are still on LTD, none of your stuff counts. While some people might consider that positive because you can make all the mistakes you want and it won’t count against you (well, that’s not true…making mistakes in the financial sector isn’t the best thing!), it’s important to have things on your file, especially positive things, when it comes time to apply for another job. Based on your performance, you’re given a rating. The higher your rating, the better your performance is. For someone like myself, for the past few years I’ve been given a default rating of 99. It means nothing. It doesn’t mean anything good or bad…just nothing. So I hope to start generate ratings so that in the future when I wish to move on, I’ll have some positive stats for the company to look at.

I spoke to Rose yesterday re: the concentrate errors I’ve been getting. She informed the techs and they called me back a few hours later. I spoke to a tech named Ceasar. He told me that I should try filling up my bicart cartridges a little more, as sometimes when the bicart is getting low, the machine may get confused and give concentrate errors. I hope that this works. I’m goint to proceed to fill up my bicart cartridges a little more right now! I’m going to dialyze tonight so I’m going to see if filling these bicarts a little more will aleviate these crazy concentrate errors.


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