(Note that the highlighted numbers represent my blood work, the the numbers to the right indicate the acceptable range for a dialysis patient:

LoL…I haven’t seen creatinine that low in 12 years! But my nurse told me to add 60ml of fleet enema to my acid concentrate every dialysis. I think it’s to raise my phosphorus. I also have to decrease my dialsate bicarb from 3.5 to 3.1.

There is also some modification to my blood pressure meds. When I was going to begin dialysis last night, my blood pressure was 94/54. I took it again and it was 97/64. I gave myself a 200cc bolus before going to sleep and it went up to 106/67. So that being said, I’ve stopped taking diltiazem (360mg) for my blood pressure, and I’ll keep an eye on it. If it’s still low, then my ramipril will have to be modified at all. As soon as I started home hemo, I d/c Lasix/furosemide and calcium.

I also saw my rheumatologist today. I told him about my ankle pain. He checked out my ankle and thought that it might be tendonitis and doesn’t think it’s Lupus related, but he ordered x-rays. I did them, and he’ll check them out. He also ordered blood tests to confirm that it is or isn’t Lupus related. I brought him up to speed in regards to all of my dialysis stuff. Oh, and he gave me a prescription for Codeine because of the pain I have walking.

So I suppose Dr. Fortin will call me later in the week in case there is any other stuff he needs to follow up on. My next appt with him is June 30th 🙂

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