I know how terrible that sounds, but it’s true. As I mentioned, I’ve been experiencing some pain in my right ankle. I asked Rose to check the computer yesterday to see if any results had surfaced where my ankle x-rays are concerned. When she checked, the computer said that the results were only partial, and therefore they weren’t visible. Shucks. I’d be really interested to know what the problem is and if there is a better treatment/solution for it other than this band-aid codeine solution. In the meantime, however, using the codeine whenever I plan on going out or walking around definitely helps. I’ve been particularly careful about how I use the codeine, especially since codeine is known for causing…*gulp*…constipation! The last thing someone such as myself (someone who already has stomach issues) is to be constipated.

I’m looking forward to my first cake decorating class at Bonnie Gordon’s School of Cake Decorating and Design . The first class that I’ll be taking isn’t actually a cake decorating class. The name of the class is Baking and Buttercream. People often concern themselves with how pretty/beautiful a cake is…but what’s a beautiful cake that doesn’t taste good? This course focuses on tips and secrets for creating delicious cakes and buttercreams. There will be recipes provided for us to keep as well. After reading the reviews for the course on Bonnie Gordon’s website, I’m really excited to take it. Some very seasoned cake pros took the course and have subsequently changed the way they bake cakes and make buttercream because of it! I think it’s a good idea to take it right off the bat…so as not to develop and bad habits.

Yesterday was my 2nd of 4 Australian Method cake decorating class. This Saturday will be my last Intermediate Cake Decorating class. For this Saturday’s class, I’m supposed to come prepared with needle-nosed pliers. Mom and I went to home depot this morning after dropping off my bloodwork at the lab so I could buy a pair.

As for my Australian Method cake decorating class, below are some pics of my cake so far, as well as half of a royal icing piped butterfly. I piped the butterfly on a stencil as you can see by the stencil beside it.

Well, that’s all for now!

This is my cake so far. This cake has royal icing stringwork
around it, as well as ribbon insertion at the top.
The icing stringwork took me over 2 hours!! :-O

Close up of the cake

This is my half-piped Butterfly on a stencil

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