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Week 2 Blood Results & Bonnie Gordon’s School of Cake Design

Here is my second set of blood results. I think this would be week 3 of home dialysis. Hmm…week 3….I might need to start considering ordering supplies….!

Anyhow, all still looks good, but Rose is still concerned with my pre Calcium. She is going to follow up with my nephrologist and get back to me.

Yesterday was my baking and buttercream class at Bonnie Gordon’s School of Cake Design . First let me just say that Bonnie is great. When I looked at the school’s website and saw all of the great work she had done, I was a bit intimidated. I would soon be in the presence of a cake decorating master! When I met her prior to class, she was more than delightful. She was very laid back and extremely approachable. Just meeting her completely set my mind at ease, and her friendly demeanor set the tone for the rest of the day.

The class started off with everyone introducing themselves and pretty much explaining why they were taking this course and if they had taken any courses before. After that, we looked at the recipes that we were given. These are the recipes that Sarah would demonstrate. These recipes included vanilla cake, chocolate cake, lemon cake, and almond cake. Our list of recipes also included buttercream. We watched intently as Sarah walked us through the steps of making each of these cakes, and also gave us hints and tips for baking successful cakes and making successful buttercreams. We also had a chance to try putting different flavours into the buttercream, like chocolate, raspberry. etc. All were delicious, especially when we put them on the cake (we actually had little cupcakes, but they were made from the cake recipes).
We also cut out own cakes into a 3 tiered cake so that we could fill it and mask it. Since I’m taking the modelling chocolate course next week, I asked if I could use my now filled and masked cake for the class next week. I received a resounding YES! So I left my cake in the fridge at Bonnie’s so that it would be there for next week. I can hardly wait until Sunday so I can go to the modelling chocolate class!
Bonnie’s studio was also great. The class space was just perfect and in my opinion very conducive to learning. After the modelling chocolate class will be my wedding cakes class. It’ll be fantastic!
That’s all for now. I’m gonna relax, watch some TV, then get ready for bed since I have to go to work tomorrow.

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