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RX for Brown Skin- Day 1

I just received my RX for brown skin kit in the mail. It came in a nice box as pictured below:

So as promised, I’m going to take pics of my face to see the progress. I’ve decided that I’d take pics on a weekly basis.

This is Day 1:

Now, I must admit, that my day 1 pic isn’t nearly as bad as my skin looked at its peak of horribleness, which was in 2006. My skin was out of control…..and I just can’t believe that I’m about to post a pic of my horrible skin as it looked in 2006:


It has obviously gotten MUCH better, but as you can see from the day 1 pics, it still needs some work. The other methods that I’ve used have obviously helped me a lot, but my skin is still not completely clear, nor is it practical for me to spend huge amounts of money to get this rectified. I hope rx for brown skin will be my cost effective way to clear skin. Stay tuned for day 7.

In other news, I received my sample sizes of kms minerals in the mail. They came in little baggies. While I was more than pleased with the service I received from kms minerals, and also the shipping time, unfortunately both colours that I received, cappucino and chestnut, were both too light for my skin tone 😦

Stay tuned for the other make up brands tests. I’ve also invested in some other mineral make ups that I’ve seen on the internet that have sample sizes. I’ll speak more about those when they arrive in the mail.


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