First of all, I won’t be mentioning any specific names as my intention is not to bash anyone, it’s simply to express my lack of satisfaction where a certain situation is concerned.

Yesterday morning I stepped out of the house for a couple of hours. I was expecting a delivery of dialysis supplies yesterday too. As per previous patterns, I assumed that these supplies would be delivered in the evening. Nonetheless, I used my cell phone to check for messages that may have been left in the house. When I checked, I received a message from the person who would be delivering these specific supplies needed for dialysis. In the message, he told me that he would be at my house between 1pm and 2pm.

Much earlier than I had expected, but at any rate, I would still be home in time even if I hadn’t received that message.

At around 12:35pm or so, I received a phone call on my cell. The call was from the company delivering the dialysis supplies. The lady on the line told me that “several attempts” had been made to try and deliver the items but there was no response. I told her that something had come up and I’d be home in about half an hour. She told me that they couldn’t wait that long. She asked me if I’d be home the next day and I told her that I would. She told me that she’d need authorization from the hospital, and the supplies would be delivered the next day.

This morning at around 7:40am as I was getting ready to take myself off of dialysis, my house phone rang again. When I answered, it was that same lady from the supplies delivery company, calling to confirm whether or not I’d be home. I told her that I didn’t have any plans to leave the house today. She told me that the hospital would be charged an extra fee of $120+ dollars due to the failed delivery the day before. I was shocked that she didn’t mention that yesterday, or else I’d have argued the fact that the delivery person stated that he’d be at my house between 1pm and 2pm. I wasn’t as shocked to hear (as I already assumed this) that this $120+ fee would eventually be coming out of my own pocket.

I called the home dialysis unit right after and spoke to one of the nurses. I explained the situation and she told me that I should speak to the head dialysis nurse for the home hemo unit (she’d be the person who’d call me after the hospital gets charged this fee), and also call the company back to tell them. It wouldn’t be fair for me to get charged this amount. If I wasn’t home between 1pm and 2pm, then I think it would be fair. But the driver left a message on my home phone at or just before 9am stating when he’d be there. I got home from where I was at around 1:10 or 1:15, but would have been home even sooner had I not received that phone call from the company telling me that they’d endevour to deliver the goods the following day. This company must consider that people have other things going on in their lives, such as work, family, etc, and if a delivery range is given, one mustn’t be expected to stay home/by the door all day long to wait for a delivery…ESPECIALLY when such a specific delivery range was given. I can understand staying home all day for the phone company, or the cable company, as they often give time ranges of 9am-5pm. In this case, the range was so specific that I could only assume that the driver knew he’d be here between those times!

I’ve called the appropriate people and left messages at 9am today. It is now 12:48pm and I am yet to hear back from anyone so I’m hoping to hear back soon. I’m hoping someone calls me back (especially the representative from the company) in order to clear this up. Also, had I known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have deleted the messge left for me by the delivery guy yesterday. I could kick myself.

Well that’s my rant for the day. We’ll see what happens.


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