breakfast Rita DeMontis

Morning with Rita DeMontis

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic…more hectic than usual.

On Thursday, I spent the day with Rita DeMontis. Rita is the food and lifestyle editor for the Toronto Sun. I met her on boxing day in 2007. My Mom, Sister and I were out shopping when I decided to leave Mom and Sis in the Nike store while I stepped out to take a seat on a bench and grab a breather. I happened to sit beside Rita who was also boxing day shopping. We got to chatting and found that we had a lot to chat about. As my Mother and Sister joined me, Rita and I exchanged contact information. Rita also directed us towards an accessories store that was having an amazing sale! I was happy to meet her. (Mom, Sis and I headed to the accessories store….and all walked out happy campers!)

We’ve kept in touch via email since then. We also thought that it would be fun for us to meet up again and go on a tour of Rita’s office at the newspaper. So, after a few failed attempts at plans, we finally got together this past Thursday. I had a blast.

Rita picked me up and we headed for the Toronto Sun. We went on a tour of her office where I met some of her delightful co-workers. We then went for breakfast which was also great. We headed back to Rita’s office where she gave me a couple of baking/cooking books. She had a whole heap of books to give me but since I was taking the bus home I couldn’t carry them all. Rita was nice enough to drop the books off at my house on Saturday.

I look forward to hanging out with her again. She’s so easy to talk to and she’s fun to be around. She’s so knowledgable in many different things that I know she is definitely someone that I can learn a lot from. 🙂


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