This week is going to be another busy one.

Firstly, I have an order for a baby shower cake for my friend’s sister’s baby shower coming up on the 22 of June. The idea is that there will be individual cakes shaped to look like baby baby blocks, and all the cakes will have letters, shapes, animals, etc….you know, the things you find on baby blocks! I think it’ll be fun and I look forward to making it.

Next…It’s after 9pm and I’m wondering if I should set up my dialysis machine! There have been two power outages today. One began at 4:30pm and finished at around 7:45pm, and the second was at about 8:30pm and lasted for just a moment. But the last thing I want to do is wake up at 3am with my machine beeping like crazy, telling me that I better take myself off in 20 minutes or less or I can kiss my blood goodbye. Then, as my luck would have it, I’m sure after like 4 minutes, aftere I’ve already pressed washback…the power will turn on again! Bah!

Anyhow, this will be a week chock full of work and appointments. Well, just 1 appointment. A bone scan. I can’t remember when I last had one, but the idea of having one now was brought to light when my ankle was acting like a jerk. I have school stuff to worry about too. I’m also at work 3 days this week and am responsible for making cup cakes for the team pot luck on Friday. I gotta say…. I’ve never really been a big fan of the pot luck. I mean, there’s just so much pressure. If someone makes something and you take some…and don’t end up liking it, you almost feel obligated to eat it anyways as not to hurt anyone’s feelings, or you have to be crafty and sneak it into the bin while nobody’s watching. As for my cup cakes, I know THAT won’t be happening. In fact….I should probably make extra! 😛

Well, I’m going to continue melting in this heat and also contemplating what to do with myself where dialysis is concerned. Since I’m not working tomorrow…I think I’ll give it a try. If I get woken up by an alarm due to a power outage…I’ll deal with it.

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