Not a fan of this Lupus unpredictability. I woke up this morning and felt alright, but as the morning progressed I began to not feel as great. My stomach began to hurt. I know that sometimes just eating something makes me feel better, so I ate breakfast. Didn’t help. I didn’t at that point feel like I was going to throw up, so I decided to quickly take my meds as opposed to waiting in fear. That was about an hour ago and I haven’t thrown up.

I’ve also used some kaeopectate for my stomach, so it’s beginning to feel better. I’m also waiting for the dialysis supplies delivery people. I hope they come soon because the last time they were going to deliver stuff, they called my in the morning to let me know what time they’d be coming. It is now almost 12pm and this worries me. I’m expecting another delivery in July, as I mentioned in a previous post, and I also have a doctor’s appointment on that day. I was hoping that they would come early today, so that it might be an indication of when they’d come in July. My July appointment is at 2pm. Oh well, I might just email the secretary and see if there are any other clinic appointments.

In other news, I wrote a post previously about my feelings on the appearance of my fistula. Yesterday was a gorgeous day out and I was wearing a thin cotton blazer over a thin white t-shirt. I was still sweltering. Why am I doing this to myself? Yes, I’m not a fan of the constant questions, nor am I a fan of the strange looks, but….why am I doing this to myself?

Forget it. I’m wearing a tank top.


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