Busy Week

This week will be a pretty busy week.

Today I have an appointment with my rheumatologist at one hospital, but before going to that hospital, I have to go to ‘home’ hospital to drop off some blood work. My nurse emailed me on Friday and asked that I bring in three tubes of blood, all for transplant related purposes. In the email she said that the transplant office needs 3 tubes for EBV, CMV, and Varicella. (No idea what any of them mean…!) But the bloods are drawn and they’re chillin’ out in my mini fridge until my ride comes to take me to the first destination, at which point I’ll hop on the shuttle bus and shuttle my way on to hospital number 2. I hope that my rheumatologist will have some news for me where the results of the bone scan I did a few weeks ago are concerned.

Tuesday is Canada day so I’ll be off work. I plan on spending the day downtown with my Mom, walking around and checking things out. That should be fun.

Wednesday is back to work. I have a 1.5 hour coaching session on my schedule for that day. Eep…that’s gonna be rough! But if it’s anything like my other 1.5 hour coaching session, it’ll be a group coaching session so there will be 2 other people in there too. Thank goodness.

Thursday I’ll be off to the native Indian reserve with my father in Parry Sound. It’s about a 2 hour drive or so, maybe even more. I gotta make sure to remember to charge up that Ipod…or bring some homework. Nah…I’ll charge my Ipod.

On Friday, I should be getting another shipment of dialysis supplies. I’m expecting some bicarbonate and some acid concentrate.

On Saturday, I’ll be off to work in the morning. After that, I’m off to the park for my friend’s baby shower. Sounds like fun. She and I went to the same high school, and I know her because her parents and my parents are friends. We’re all part of the Nigerian Community I guess. But she’s good people and I hope I’m not too wiped to attend her baby shower.

Well, that’s a preview of my week. I hope to find some time (and energy) in between to post some entries and perhaps some pictures

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