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Fun with my Sister Liz at Ribfest

Here in Toronto we have a Ribfest every year. I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never been. Yesterday, my sister asked me if I would like to go and I said I would.

Before that, I went to drop of the blood requested by the dialysis unit for transplant assessment, and I also went to see Dr. Fortin. Nothing significant happened at that appointment. Well, I shouldn’t say that. Dr. Fortin said something about the Bone Scan showing that there was a bit of…I can’t remember the word, but my bones did appear to be a bit thin. He did want to put me on calcium or rocaltrol, but those medications were stopped due to the fact that I’m on home dialysis. I think he said that he had emailed my nephrologist, Dr. Richardson, about the matter. I think he said that Dr. Richardson said that he didn’t want me to be on those medications. I’m going to see Dr. Richardson on July 10th, so I’m going to have to bring it up in order to clarify.

So my sister and I went off to ribfest after my appointment. We had a blast. There were about 7 different places to get ribs and all of the places had various displays of all the awards they had won, so we just went to any lineup. The line up we chose was just great and the food was superb. Luckily, we stopped to get slurpees before going to ribfest, so we had nice cold slurpees to drink while eating. I also went off to get some corn on the cob after Liz and I ate our Ribs.

Something really odd happened while Liz and I were at Ribfest. A group of people came to sit at the empty spaces that was at our table. After about 10 minutes, my sister and I heard the lady sitting at our table cursing a blue streak! When we asked her what had happened, she explained to us that she got a gift from up above…right in her container of ribs! Yep, that’s right. A seagull with impeccable aim pooped right into her food. How awful!

After that, this poor lady’s husband came back from wherever he went and heard the bad news. He quickly scurried off to get more food. When he returned with the food, he suddenly froze and said “I think a bird just pooped on my head.”

Sure enough, yep, a bird pooped on his head and some splashed onto the back of his black t-shirt. What horrible luck! When this lady’s husband was off buying more food, she told us that when her husband proposed to her at Niagara Falls, a bird pooped on her hand and it went all down her forearm too. Since getting pooped on by a bird is supposed to be good luck, both herself and her now husband went to Niagara Casino and played a $20. Sure enough, they left with $40. Then, to celebrate the engagement, they went to a restaurant and ordered food and drinks. The service was terribly slow, but they still managed to rack up a bill of about $200. Because of the poor service, they got their entire bill for free! How about that?

My sister and I encouraged the couple (who also had a little boy in a carriage) to go and play the lottery! But at that point, we quickly went on our way for fear that we may suffer the same misfortunes at them.

Below are some pictures from Ribfest. Enjoy!

LOL I just love these two pics together. The first pic is of a sign that was there, and the second pic is, well, my sister’s butt!:

First picture is a picture of the crowd lining up at various rib places, and the second is a sign I saw at the place we ended up choosing to buy our ribs:

Both of these pics are just me and my sister being silly. How much are you loving the slurpee product placement?

Me enjoying every last bit of corn. I paid $4 for that stupid corn….can you blame me for wanting to devour every last morsel??

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