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So Far, So Good Bad!

As I mentioned previously, I’m planning a trip to England. In fact, I should be leaving in exactly 4 weeks. Since I’m going to be away for about a week, I’m obviously going to need dialysis while I’m away.

I’ve been trying my best to co-ordinate my dialysis in England. My aunt sent me the information for a clinic that was particularly close to her house so we decided to go with them.

My first email to the lady in charge of co-ordinating travellers went unanswered. When I emailed my aunt, she had to call the unit and leave messages in order to finally track this woman down. The woman told my aunt that she was very busy and was sorry she didn’t get back to me. She told my aunt that she would be faxing the appropriate information that she needed to my unit, which she did. She used the fax number that I provided to her about 3 weeks earlier….

After that, my unit promptly got all of the information ready. When it was time to fax the information back, my unit had a very hard time. I emailed the lady in London who replied with a fax number that just didn’t make sense to me in terms of faxing from Canada. When I emailed her again to request additional information on this fax number….she did not respond. I emailed her about 4 days ago and I haven’t received a response.

After some googling, I was able to find a website where you can enter in a phone number and the website will format it in such a way that is shows how the number must be entered in order to call London from Canada. I provided that fax number to my father, who by this time had gone to my unit to retrieve the documents that needed to be faxed. He faxed the documents and didn’t have any problems. He also mailed the documents to them just in case.

Right off the bat, I seem to be having problems. The last unit that I dealt with when I went to England with my Mom and Dad a couple of years ago lied to us. We requested morning shifts and they agreed. It was only when we got there that they told us that I could have one morning shift, but my other two shifts had to be afternoon shifts. I was pretty angry as they should not have promised us something that they could not provide. For my England trip, I have also requested morning shifts. Hopefully we actually get what we ask for.

I sincerely hope that this unit is not wasting my time. My aunt has already paid the money to this unit that is required for my treatment. I’ll have to give that money back to her when I get to London. I just hope they’re not going to scoop our money and then give us crap service. My aunt wrote a cheque so at least there is a record of it. Geez…I just want to go on vacation and have stress free/organized dialysis. Is that too much to ask??

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