This morning after cleaning up/stripping my machine, I got ready and hopped on the bus. I headed downtown to the hospital so that I could finally give Rose my MRSA swabs. She told me that the guy who took my bloodwork was full of crock and should have seen the MRSA swab orders in the system. Great, so that’s one extra (and unneeded) trip to the hospital for me. Now I’ll have to travel down there again to get the results for the mrsa swabs. The other stuff came back already. The HIV test usually takes a long time, however because my profile in the computer says something about me being on the transplant list, it was done in 24 hours. Groovy.

After dropping off the swabs, it was off to get my massage and my acupuncture. The massage was good as usual, though it wasn’t a full 30 minutes. Before we started, I looked at the clock and it was 12:10. When she was finished, it was 12:31. Not nice.

After that, I met with my acupuncturist. He was a cool and knowledgable guy. We spoke for about half an hour about all of my ailments and what I hoped to achieve with acupuncture. After that, I laid down on the bed and he inserted the needles. 31 in total. I’ve never had that many before, but he was very good in how he put them in. The other times that I had tried it, I had felt pain in at least one pin. So far so good.

The half hour consultation and the half hour acupuncture session cost a total of $35. There was a summer special, so that was lucky for me.

He wants me to come twice a week for the first while, though I’m not sure if I can accomodate that. It’ll end up being pretty expensive, especially since my coverage through work only offers a total of $500 coverage, and that’s for massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic doctors combined. I’ll try it a couple more times and see how I feel. If it makes me feel better it might be a good investment.

I brought my camera so that I could have my picture taken with all the pins in me..but I forgot to take it out! Silly me. I hope I remember next time.


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