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Booked – Done and Done

I booked the flight this morning. My Dad called me this morning to tell me to book it. I was still fast asleep and still had 45 minutes of dialysis left. After speaking to my Dad, I went back to sleep, allowed the “End Uf” alarm to wake me up, disconnected, then made the reservation.

When I went to book the flight, I stared intently at the screen, waiting for the price of the flight to appear. It was the same as it was last night. Well, at least it didn’t go up.

I went through the entire booking process. I got a confirmation email telling me that the transaction did not go through. I was going to call my credit card company as I thought it was just one of those security things. I decided to call the travel agency first.

I got a lady on the line. She put me on hold for a few moments then came back. She went on to tell me that the reason the transaction did not go through was because the cost of the flight had actually gone up about $50 per person. She invited me to go ahead and continue booking with her and I refused.

I went back on the website and went through the booking process to check for flight prices and the prices were still there. In fact, it is now more than 6 hours later and the price is still the same as it was when I wanted to book. What did she mean the price had gone up!? Nonesense!

I decided to go with another company, one that told me that if I used a credit card I’d have to pay an extra 2%. I decided I’d pay by cheque.

I went through the booking process on the phone…then the guy told me that I could NOT pay by cheque, I HAD to pay by credit card, and that was that. I argued, as it clearly said on the website that I could avoid paying the extra 2% if I paid by cheque or debit. He said that was only in the UK. I told him that this is listed on a Canadian website, and it is not fair that they follow some of the rules on the site (such as charging me 2%) but not others (such as accepting my cheque, which would have been certified). I cancelled that too. He paused, and he tried to get me to reconsider. I refused.

I decided to book directly with air transat. I was not happy with the prices of any of these places, but after discussing with my sister, I went ahead and booked. I know that if I told my Dad that the price went up again he’d definitely tell me to cancel everything!

I’m happy though, as I’m really excited about being able to chronical all of my escapades.

Now, since I have an MRI scheduled for 12:45am, I best grab a bite to eat, then take a nap!

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