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Damn You, Airlines!

Not just sad, but pretty peeved.

I quickly realized that procrastinating where purchasing the family’s tickets to England is concerned was not a good idea. One day it was $3882, then the next day it was $4060.68. When I noticed it was $4060, I quickly asked my Mother to drive me to the bank so that I could deposit the $4000 into my bank account, then into my credit card. This way, the $4000 would appear on the credit card right away.

So my Mom drove me to the bank and then back home. We made no stops inbetween. By the time I got home, took my shoes off, and headed to my room where my laptop was (might I add, my laptop was still on and did not need to be booted up or anything) the price had shot up again. The price (this is the price for 4 adult tickets in case you were wondering) was now $4260!

I was angry. How could the tickets be one price at 7:45pm and then another at 8:10pm? I got on the phone and called the ticket company. When I spoke to her, she sympathized with my situation but told me that one the price changes online, then there is nothing that can be done about it. In fact, it was better off for me to book now before the price went up, and I’d be better off booking it online because if I booked it over the phone with a person it would cost an extra $60 or something.

Talk about discrimination against the computer illiterate.

But that’s not the point. I know it’s a mere couple hundred of extra dollars, but it makes a difference when you’re already paying $4000. It’s also a big increase when you consider the fact that I still gotta come up with cash to pay for my dialysis when I get there. I’m almost sure that the last time I went to England with my Mom and Dad we paid less than $1500 for all of us. Now it’s more than double. The real kicker is when the taxes on the fares cost just about the same as the fare itself. Ridiculous!

Looks like I’ll have to make up my mind quickly, because the price might be $5000 tomorrow….!


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