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Late Night MRI Results

Friday night/Saturday morning was my MRI. Luckily my parents came home on time so my dad was able to take me to my appointment. We left home around 11pm.

I didn’t have to wait long once I got there. My sister lent me her nintendo DS so I played “Brain Age” until they called me which was only about 15 minutes later.

Once I got in, they asked me all of the standard questions…you know, do you have a metal plate in your head or any other metal in your body that we should know about, etc etc.

When it was time for the MRI, I lied down on the narrow and uncomfortable bed. The person performing the MRI positioned my leg in a very uncomfortable manner. Another lady came in to help. When I asked for a pillow to put under my knees, the guy said no. I began to wonder why I couldn’t have a pillow under my knee when this was an mri of my ankle. As I wondered this, the lady who came to help said “yes…of course she can have a pillow..” she lovingly held my legs up while she told the gentleman to get one of the pillows behind him. Aww.

I stuffed my yellow earplugs into my ears and sang retro music in my head to pass the time.

“I guess that’s why they call it the bluueeees,
Time on my hands could be time spent with youuuu!
Laughing like children,
livin’ like lovers,
rolling like thunder,
under the coversssss!
And I guess that’s why they call it the bluueeees!!”

Before I knew it, the 30 minute mri was done.

Moving on, I got a phone call today from my rheumy’s secretary. He’s in montreal now but after she saw the results she called him to ask what should be done.

Yup, I have a FRACTURE in my right ankle. Can you believe that? I’ve been hobbling around/all over the place for like 1 and a half-2 months…with a fractured ankle! I got my ankle x-rayed some time ago but the x-ray didn’t actually show anything.

There is a certain medication that people with osteoporosis take that are supposed to help with fractures, but because I’m on dialysis, apparently I cannot take that medication. So now I have an appointment at the fracture clinic this friday. I’m just hoping they don’t go and put me in some big’ol cast or something. That would definitely suck since I’m travelling soon…! But the lady I spoke to told me that she’s not sure what they’ll suggest in the fracture clinic since this is considered an “old fracture”.

Geez. Fractured ankle.

Well, I’ll report back on the ankle/fracture situation as news becomes available. I cancelled my appointment with my acupuncturist this Thursday because of my fracture. I’d like to get it looked at first before I stick any more needles anywhere. Plus, I’ll have to walk a fair distance to get there…I’d like to know what they say about me walking such distances with this fracture..!


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