First, let me just say this.

I got to the hospital for my 1:45pm appointment at 12:45pm. I waited and I waited. I FINALLY got called in at 3:15pm. I waited until about 3:45pm when I was seen by the first doctor who took all the notes and asked all the questions. That took about 10-12 minutes. After that, I had to wait and see the ‘official doctor”.

I waited and I waited. When 4:20 rolled around, I began to ask questions.

“How long is this going to take? I’ve been here for over four hours already and spent less than 10 minutes talking to someone”.

“Oh, soon, soon.” said the first doctor “Maybe 5 or 10 minutes.”

When the clock got close to 5pm, I woke myself up as I began to nod off. I questioned the doctor again. He didn’t give me another time as I’m sure he knew I didn’t want to hear “5 or 10 minutes” again. He simply said soon, and he was sorry.

Finally, about 20 minutes after that, the doctor came in. He looked at my MRI.

He told me that my ankle was broken, and my actual foot was broken in 2 places. He told me that he would like some x-rays done. I agreed, as I had heard him send other people off to do x-rays and they were gone and back in about 15 minutes. This is because the fracture clinic seems to have their own separate area for their own x-rays.

A few moments later, the man who would later put the stability boot on my foot, told the doctor that the fracture clinic’s x-ray department was now closed, and if he wanted me to get an x-ray, I’d have to go to emergency.

I didn’t give the doctor a chance to tell me or to ask me to go to emergency for an x-ray. I flat out refused. If the hadn’t been sitting on their hands all this time, I could have went to their x-ray department before it closed!

I was apologized to (yet again) and the doctor asked if I could come back next friday at 8am to see him. Then I could be the first in and first out. I agreed.

What a day. I left my house at 12:25pm, and I walked into the house at about 6:30-6:45pm. Terrible!

Anyhow, I’m quite surprised, yet not so surprised to hear that my foot AND my ankle are both broken. I say I that I’m surprised because it wasn’t mentioned by anyone when I was told about my ankle on the phone. On the other end of the spectrum, I’m also not surprised because my ankle AND my foot have been bothering me. Learning how to walk in this stupid boot is a pain, however I do look forward to boarding public transit and having the bus driver lower the bus down for me so I can get on 🙂 I also look forward to giving people who are sitting in the front dirty looks so that they will get up and let me sit down.

“Hey! My foot and ankle are BROKEN!! GET UP!!!”

Hehehe, suckers.


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