Today is lucky 08/08/08.

So I went back to the fracture clinic to get my repeat x-rays as requested by Dr. Lau. I got there at around 8:00. I checked in, took a seat, then pulled out my sister’s Nintendo DS for another daily round of brain training.

After about 30 minutes. I quickly became angry, especially since, once again, people who came in after me were getting seen before me. I calmly went up to the counter where I was effectively ignored for about 2 minutes. Another lady came around to the other side of the counter where she was promptly attended to. I waited as I didn’t want to interrupt, but I was understandably upset. Because I had to wait around for hours the last time, the x-ray department closed before I could get it done. I was assured that if I came in the morning the next friday, I’d be seen promptly.

When I was finally attended to (by the doctor’s assistant, not any of the secretaries) the man scrambled around only to find my file in a place that it should not have been. That would explain why nobody called me. “I don’t want to wait around here all day like I did last time” I said.


Very shortly after, I was called in for my x-ray, then on to Dr. Lau.

Dr. Lau continued to go to see different patients, but the doctor’s assistant intercepted Dr. Lau at one point to direct him in my direction. I guess he remembered how long I had to sit around the last time.

Dr. Lau came in to see me. He looked at my x-rays and asked if the boot was minimizing the pain. It was. He told me to come back in 3 weeks to see him, and also to get a CT Scan done.

I was out of there by about 9:15. Could be better…but not bad I guess.

After that, it was onto the shuttle bus and to the next hospital to pick up my revised travel letter. The updated travel letter from my doctor discusses the medication I’m on, and also the fact that I’ll be carrying my dialysis needles with me. I also called the airline to make sure it’s ok for me to carry my dialysis needles in my carry-on luggage. It is ok.

When I got to the hospital, I decided to pay my dialysis friend Sadia a visit. We sat and chatted for at least an hour. I went to the home dialysis unit where I picked up my letter, some pre-filled saline syringes, and also a prescription.

After that I came home, made dinner, and did a bit of homework.

So, we’ll see what happens when I go back to the fracture clinic at the end of August.


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