I just came back from a trip downtown via ttc. I had to be pretty careful. It had been raining all day long and I had to be careful not to slip down the stairs or something.

Being in this cast and also having to be a bit more careful was really different. Nobody got up to give me their seats at the bus was never full. I did, however, have to walk to the middle/back of the bus on my way there to get a seat. A baby carriage was on one side of the bus right near the door, and on the other side was someone sitting on the edge of their seat, their feet practically in the middle of the aisle. I made it a big point to painfully leap over the person’s feet when they stared at me blankly when I said “excuse me”. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

When I got to the subway, I headed towards the elevator. 3 teenagers skateboarded back and forth in the little elevator waiting area. They were practising doing flips. I braced myself, as these kids were not very experienced and they were flipping and falling all over the place. I closed my eyes, anticipating a skateboard to the knee of a flying elbow to the head. Luckily, neither came.

I met my friends Kerrie and Jen on the way and off we went to the Keg for my friend Jen’s birthday.

When we got there, we met up with Jen’s boyfriend and 2 of her boyfriend’s friends. I decided to reward myself for my bus journey by buying myself a prime rib and lobster dinner. And yes, I also had bread while we were waiting for our meal (And yes, I will dialyze tonight…my machine is already set up! :-O )

Nobody believed that little ol’ me could finish all of those garlic mashed potatoes, all of that lobster, all of the prime rib…especially after eating bread. Little did they know. Little did they know.
After our meal, we headed out. I opted to go home so that I could minimize my walking, and also to set up my machine. When I was about to get off of the bus at my street, the very handsome bus driver lowered the bus for me so I could step out comfortably. Aww.

Another gentleman got off of the bus before me and asked me what happened to my leg. Not wanting to explain myself to a total stranger, I simply told him that I fell. He went on to tell me that I should have crutches because I could loose my balance. He then went on to tell me that he had arthritis in his foot, caused partially by the work boots he has to wear because he’s a painter. He suggested that I take a hot bath (as hot as I can tolerate), put some epsom salt in there, and just soak away. He assured me miracles. I thanked him for his advice and quickly limped home.

That is all. Oh, also I went to the bank today to order some british pounds and some euros. The money will be ready for my on Wednesday. Yippie!

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