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Another Day With Mommy

After another long 5 hour shift at work, Mom and I went to get manicures and pedicures. We used some gift certificates that my brother and his girlfriend bought us for Christmas. Yes, too long I know, but as soon as Mom and I found out we were going to the UK a few months back, we decided to save our mani/pedis for just before the trip.

I’m quite pleased with my mani/pedi, though I think the lady that did my Mom’s could have done a better job. She was clearly rushing. She didn’t pumice my mom’s feet long enough, nor did she do as precise of a job as the lady doing my nails did in terms of ensuring that no nail polish got on our skin, and if it did, cleaning it off. I felt bad about it. I wish the lady that did my nails did my mom’s nails, as I’d feel more comfortable complaining about the lack of quality in the job than my mom would.

Only 2 more sleeps until England…!

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