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Images of My Broken Foot & Ankle?

I obtained a cd with images of my foot and my ankle. The cd has x-rays of my broken foot/ankle as well as the MRI. I have absolutely no idea what I’m looking at. I don’t know where the break(s) are, I don’t know which is just a separate bone in my foot or which is the break. If you have any idea where the 2 broken bones in my foot and/or the 1 broken bone in my ankle are/is, then by all means, tell me!

Aside from the breaks that are unseen by me, that’s a pretty good looking right foot, wouldn’t you say?


3 comments on “Images of My Broken Foot & Ankle?

  1. Safe travels overseas. And have a fantastic time !!!WickLFA


  2. Is that a break above your fourth toe where there’s a bit of a shadow and what looks like a ragged line?? My guess for the second would be immediately next to that break and above the little toe. But I’m no doctor!!


  3. Tracey, when i look back at the x-rays, what you said makes total sense…as that’s the area that I feel/felt the most pain (duh!)All I look forward to is the day that I don’t have to wear this big ugly cast anymore! 😮


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