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This is Exactly Why In-Centre Sucks

Ugh, what an awful day. Dialysis was just dreadful. I started to feel REALLY awful about 3 hours into it. It started even before that when I had to have Mikyla recirculate for me about 2 hours in. I had to go to the washroom (they don’t understand “washroom” here, you have to call it “the toilet”). After my washroom break, I tried to close my eyes and go to sleep again in spite of the incessant beeping of the machines. After a short nap, it began. The nausea, the sweating, the rapid heart beat.

I requested some saline which I got. They don’t seem to like the idea of leaving someone in minimum for long periods of time. After only a few minutes, I was informed that UF would be turned back on but the total amount of fluid to be removed would be reduced. That lasted about 10 minutes, then I felt unwell again. In an attempt to take my mind off of the feeling of unwellness that I was feeling, and also taking into consideration that this would be my last day here, I decided to take out my camera and take a few more pictures:

Everyone gets a tv

The unit’s isolation room

The fan pointed at me because I was “crashing and burning”

TVs all over the place

Helpful hemo assistant in white, dialysis patients in the back, Makyla in the far back with blonde hair

Everyone was very helpful. The hemo assistant shown in the above picture pulled my chair forward as it was too close to the wall in order to put my head back. Another nurse used the chair remote to put my head back, while the Makyla tended to my machine. The entire unit only had 4 nurses and 1 hemo assistant that day, so I was well taken care of. I completed my dialysis 15 or so minutes early.

What made it worse is the fact that my ride was 1 hour late coming to pick me up. Sitting and waiting when you’re already unwell is a total drag.

When Aunty, Daddy, Mom and Sis finally arrived, I sluggishly walked over to the passenger seat. I eventually ended up in the very back of the mini van so that I could lie down.

Ginger ale seems to be very scarce here. I fell in and out of sleep, but I know my aunt made more than 1 stop to try and find my ginger ale. I remember waking up to my Dad’s gentle shake of my arm. He had a plastic cup of giner ale and ice in his hand. I drank some but not a lot. I could feel that feeling in my stomach and in my throat…that “don’t push your luck because you’re gonna throw up” feeling. I also had a small piece of chicken.

My Mom had her heart set on going to a particular area in England that day. If I could describe it, I’d call it the “Little Nigeria” of England. It’s called Peckham. No, not Bill Peckham. It’s not nearly as nice as Bill Peckham.

My Dad decided to stay in the car with me, but I unfortunately (VERY unfortunately) had to use the “toilet”. We found a public toilet. I’ll spare you the details of how horrendously disgusting it was…but I had to go REALLY bad. Oh, what luck…no toilet paper. My dad went to a local store and thank God they had toilet paper. Ugh. My Dad cleaned the toilet up a bit for me. I put about 10 layers of toilet paper on the seat before I used the toilet…but I STILL didn’t dare sit on that seat…that’s for sure!

As we walked back to the car, there was Mom and my sister, holding McDonalds. “I bought you chicken McNuggets!” my Mom announced. My stomach responded with a nauseating turn as I waived the bag (and thought) of McNuggets away. When Dad and I told them about our disaster toilet visit, they told us that the toilet at McDonalds was extremely clean. I was less than impressed to hear that, especially since that was the direction Dad suggested we go in the first place until I saw the sign that said “public toilet”.

After that, we went to pick up my uncle from work, then we headed home. I ate a tiny bit of toast, choked down my meds, and now it’s time to try and get some shut eye. My stomach still feels unwell 😦

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