My sister was already awake, but my fully clothed, brushed and bathed father knocked on my sister, my aunt, and my hotel door at 5:45am France time to tell us that it was time to wake up. We had to make sure we were beginning to check in for the Eurostar at least 30 minutes before departure and that meant we’d need to be there by 7:37am. Not a difficult task since the train station is across the street.

When I think of a continental breakfast, aside from that Simpsons episode where some filthy looking guy put some friend eggs in an envelope, I think of this past December when Dad and I went to Florida. The free daily breakfast was not only lame, but the only edible thing they DID have (cereal) was rendered inedible the last evening we were there because that particular hotel hadn’t bothered to get milk…and had no plans to do so either.

The breakfast at our hotel was good. They had scrambled eggs (delicious and warm), sausages, croissants, veggies, fruit salad, various cereals, toast, tea, coffee, juices…plenty of goodies.

After checkout, we headed to the train station. Everyone cleared the metal detector without a hitch except Dad. We were already just under the wire time wise. Dad wisely flashed a delighted security guard his badge to explain that it must be this that was setting the metal detector off. She happily and quickly allowed him through.

The train ride home was uneventful, but the bus ride from the train station home took about an hour…not including waiting for the bus!

We got home, relaxed a bit, as after that it was off to trafalgar square. Little did my sister and I know that amongst our travels we’d be spend what seemed like decades shopping @ different material places. I guess my mom either wants to send material to Nigeria or she wants to have a lot of clothing made. Either way, highly boring.

We finally made it to trafalgar square. The olympics were heing shown on a large screen. There were tons of people there, which is likely why there weren’t many birds there.

We had dinner at a local pizza place. We made a few stops along the way, then it was back home after a day that consisted mostly of commuting.

I should get some shut eye…dialysis tomorrow…!

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