I still didn’t feel 100% this morning. Definitely not well enough to sit thought a multi-hour church servce unfortunately. My father also began to feel unwell last night/this morning too. He had some spicy food last night. Spicy and my father definitely do not go together. So, Dad and I unwillingly and unwantingly skipped church.

After relaxig a bit, Dad took a shower and got dressed. I then followed suit. I played a few games on my cell, then a few games on my sister’s Nintendo DS. I still wasn’t feeling great, but I knew I’d feel better soon. Sheesh, now I know why, for me anyways, home nocturnal dialysis is better than in-centre.

Everyone came home soon after I decided I was done playing with the DS. I was pretty hungry as I only had 1 piece of toast for breakfast. It was now after 3pm. They brought back subs from subway!…..Unfortunately my good hearted sister got every single topping I wanted…except she got mayo it and I don’t like mayo on my sub. They didn’t have mustard or sub sauce and she didn’t want to leave my sub sauceless. I took about 3 bites of the sub and could eat no more.

Aunty made me noodles and veggies. I also ate a peach.

Nothing else much was done today. I think I really needed this day to recover. Dialysis yesterday was awful because it reminded me of my in-centre days. Nocturnal can sometimes get frustrating/tiring when you consider the amount of work that has to go into it, but the alternative is feeling sick to my stomach every other day. I’ll take home hemo to that, thanks! I would have liked to go out today, especially since I am yet to purchase ANYTHING, but again, I really needed this time to recover from that awful dialysis. I’m just lucky that the other (first) session went well so that I still had the energy to shop and stuff after dialysis on Tuesday. I think my body wasn’t sure what was going on yet at that point, but by the next dialysis, my body was DEFINITELY on to me…and it certainly didn’t appreciate it. Tomorrow’s our last dady here in the UK…let’s see what happens!

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