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Back To Work, Back to Doctor’s Appointments

My first day back to work since vacation time was today. My shift went by relatively quickly which was nice. I felt like I could have worked the entire day…but if I did I’m sure I’d have come home, crashed, and wouldn’t wake up again until maybe 9pm…not a good idea when it comes to trying to fall asleep again. But, I’m glad to be back…glad to be out of the house.

When I returned from vacation, I came home to many messages informing me of doctor’s appointments. I have to see my gyno, I have to see Dr. Lau regarding my fracture, I have an appointment to see another rheumatologist at Mount Sinai (I suppose it’s in the absence of Dr. Fortin), and I also have an appointment next month to see the transplant nephrologist.

The secretary from the transplant nephrologist’s office called me the other day. When we spoke she said to me “Oh, we’re just about ready to put you on the transplant list, but we want you to see Dr. Cole first”.

Just about ready to put me on the list? So where, exactly, “have I been” for the past 5 months? Strange. They’ve been asking me to submit bloodwork ASAP, and asking me to do this test, and that test…just to tell me that months later they’re “just about ready” to put me on the transplant list? Weird indeed. I just hope that it’s as I think and that I’ll be put on the transplant list according to when I started dialysis.

It’s almost 9pm now, and I have things do to and need to be done so that I can connect myself by 11pm. All of my bicarts are empty and I need to fill them all up. I’m so tired/lazy though…but it needs to get done.

And now I’m sitting here watching Beverly Hills 90210 the new generation. A real useful way to spend my time, eh?

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