So yesterday, after my insanely long doctor’s appointment, I headed out to get my hair done. I did this because today is the day that we meet and do the filming of the personal stories for the ‘Flare for Fashion’ fashion show.

My mom and I set off at around 9am as we were to meet at Diana’s house at 10am (Diana is the president of Flare for Fashion). Her house is a bit far from us, and my mom doesn’t like driving on the highway, so we took the main roads. It took us about 30-35 minutes to get there.

Diana’s house is gorgeous! I met all of the other models and we all got along quite naturally. It definitely must have something to do with that bond we all have. The highway was actually closed this weekend, so the flim crew was a few minutes late. When they did arrive, I volunteered myself to go first to film.

I got interviewed by a lady named Caroline. She was very nice. I managed to hold it together and not cry, which is good. I left the waterworks to the others as I’m sure at least one other person cried while telling their personal stories. When I saw this aspect of this aspect of the show last year, I myself was brought to tears just from hearing their stories.

I talked about when I was diagnosed, having kidney failure, being on dialysis, and how all of this changed my life.

It was great to meet the other models and Diana is a great host. Hehehe.

The Flare for Fashion show is on 15th of October. For more information, check out the Flare for Fashion website at

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