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Lupus Brain Fog??…nah, just forgetfulness

I worked today from 8am to 1pm. I usually wor 9am to 2pm, but I started at 8am today so that I could leave early. I had to catch the train after work and head downtown to my appointment. I was scheduled to see my nephrologist today for a general check up.

I waited and waited for the stupid bus outside of my building for almost half an hour. After the bus came, I caught the train pretty quickly and got to the hospital by 1:55. Not bad…5 minutes to spare.

I went to go check in for my appointment. “You have an appointment today? Your name isn’t on the list…”

Oh no. Don’t tell me that my appointment isn’t today and I mucked up. After a few phone calls were made, I later found out that my appointment was actually supposed to be October 2 and not today! Geez, what a moron I am!

Just at that moment, my nephrologist walked out. I begged him to see me today so I didn’t have to come back. Well, I didn’t exactly beg…I just asked. Since Dr. Richardson is, like, super wicked cool, he totally saw me today. Thankfully there had been a cancellation. Wee!

I busy-ed myself with a cup of chicken soup while I waited to be called. Only 10 minutes after my last bite, I got called in. Weee!

Dr. Richardson was more than pleased with my results. He said that I’m dialyzing well. My blood work is great and he’s very pleased that my hemoglobin is holding strong. I am also happy about this. He said that I look great. I’m glad I look great because I feel great. If how I feel inside is reflected on how I look on the outside…well..that’s just super!

I have to make an appointment myself to see Dr. Richardson again as the home hemo secretary wasn’t there to do it because…well… it technically wasn’t a home hemo clinic appointment day!

I took the bus home. Boy do I hate rush hour. I waited for the bus for almost 30 minutes. 30 minutes for my bus is bizarre as it is supposed to come like less than every 10 minutes. Anyhow, I managed to get a seat thankfully. But the whole ride was just ruined by these girls standing in front of me. They must be in high school. They kept complaining and cursing at anyone who touched or brushed them on the bus. I know I wouldn’t be impressed, crowded bus or no crowded bus, if someone plowed into me. But this definitely wasn’t the case. It was just a lot of people in a crowded place, so some bodily contact did occur unintentionally. One guy dropped his bus transfer behind his seat (somehow??). I was one seat away from him, and beside him was a young boy, maybe 12 years old. One of the girls exclaimed “WHY IS EVERYONE LOOKING AT THE MAN? WHY DON’T THEY TRY AND HELP HIM INSTEAD OF JUST STARING?? *kisses teeth* GEEZ, THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO MANNERS!!!”

The very idea of her discussing anything to do with manners is simply ludicrious and quite frankly, comical.

Anyhow, I got up from my seat much earlier than I usually would for my stop as I didn’t want to sit there any longer.

Was I that obnixious when I was in high school?

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