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Welcome Back, Carolyn!

My friend Carolyn went off to Switzerland to work and has been gone for a few months. She came back to Canada on Thursday, so we all got together today to get some brunch! It was very nice seeing her again, as well as getting together with all of the girls.

After that, my Mom, Dad, sister and I went to a family friend’s house for dinner. He’s a close family friend who works in the healthcare field. He has helped me a lot when it comes to my Lupus and dialysis. He is extremely knowledgable and super kind.

WOW! What a palace he lives in. He bought the empty lot and designed the house himself from the ground up. Every aspect of that house had his own input into it.

The food was great and so was the company. I hope to do things like that more in the future….just get out, share food, friendship and company with others. I spent my entire day doing that…and loved every minute of it.


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