Today was another 5 hour shift at home, then a mad dash downtown for a doctor’s appointment.

Today it was an appointment with a rhuematologist. I’ve never met her before as she’s located in a hospital that I don’t visit regularly. I was confused at first when I received a letter in the mail stating that I had an appointment with a rhuematologist other than the one I’ve had for years. I honestly thought that I was perhaps getting “passed on” to another doctor!

On an unrelated matter, my actual rheumatologist called me on the phone. When he called, I asked him what gives about this new rheumy. He told me that she was a specialist in osteoporosis. Ahh, I get it.

So off to my appointment I went.

This clinic at Mount Sinai hospital was beautiful. Shockingly beautiful, in fact. It was decorated with pillars that looked very Rome/Greek inspired. The floors were beautiful too. The design of the actual little offices in the clinic was similar to what you might see in a very expensive/high class condominium.

When it comes to my rheumatologist, he knows that I have little to no patience with the fellows (lol…just like I said in the last post). Now, this fellow/doctor was nice, but he simply did not listen. First of all, before being called in to see the doctor, I was given this 2 page document that I had to fill out. It had all of the standard annoying questions (what medications are you on, have you had any surgeries before, etc). I wrote it all down.

When I got called in, I saw that this doctor had the document on the desk. Yet, he proceeded to ask me all of the same questions anyways as if he had no such information period. Why did I spend 15 minutes writing to the point of hand cramps if no one had any interest in reading it anyways? Then whenever I’d tell him something, he’d ask me the exact same question about 5 minutes later.

For example, I told him that I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1996 when I was 14.

*6 minutes later*

“So you were diagnosed with Lupus when?”

Example 2:

Me: I went to a hospital near my house, my blood pressure was taken, and it was sky high, like 220+ over 120+. They did all sorts of blood tests, and upon seeing the results, they told myself and my family that I needed to go to sick kid’s hospital right away.

*10 minutes later*

“So when you went to the first hospital, what did they do there?”


Anyhow, I just remained at tolerant as possible until the actual doctor who I was meant to see came in. In the end, she decided that it would be a good idea to confer with my nephrologist with the ideas she had about possible medications she wanted me to take. I was happy with that, and I suppose I’ll hear back from her or my nephrologist soon.

Oh, and before my appointment I stopped for some maki sushi. Mmm!


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