I woke up this morning to get ready for work. I looked at my venous buttonhole and I wasn’t liking what I was seeing. As I mentioned yesterday, my arm felt kind of sore. The band-aid on my buttonhole appeared to have puss on it and the buttonhole looked yellow-ish. Not a good sign.

I decided I needed to skip work and head off to the hospital to get it looked at. The last thing I want or need is an infection. So off to the hospital I went.

I was met by Stella who looked at it. She decided that a blood test and a swab was in order, so she did both. She mentioned that it would be best to not use that buttonhole for the time being. I’d have to agree with her on that one. So, she helped me find a new spot to cannulate in order to establish a new buttonhole site. I was nervous to put the needle in, as I had tried to establish a new site on my own but was unsuccessful. I was able to cannulate the site without any problems.

I hope it’s not an infection. I REALLLY don’t have time for that. But, I guess the good news is the fact that if it is an infection and I need to give myself antibiotics, I can do it at home while I’m on dialysis, and it doesn’t need to be everyday, it can simply be on my dialysis days.

After that, I decided to go upstairs and visit my friend Nicole, who, unfortunately was admitted to the hospital. I haven’t seen her since the flare for fashion show last year, but we still correspond regularly via facebook.

I’m sure she was very surprised to see me, but I knew I simply couldn’t leave without seeing her first! We had an excellent visit and I can’t wait to hang again.

Now, it’s time to head to my initial destination for today: work.

I headed back to work for 3 hours. My manager bought the entire team pizza, so I was quite pleased about that to say the least ;-).

No sooner did I enter the office did the 3 hours pass. Now, it’s time to go to the dentist to get my chipped tooth filled.

You see, I have a chipped molar. It was chipped a number of years ago when I foolishly decided that it would be a good idea to open a difficult to open bottle of nail polish with my teeth.

The nail polish bottle won.

When I first went to get it filled, I got one of those white fillings that match the colour of your teeth. I also got a good talking to from Dr. Lopardo.

I promise, I’ll use plyers next time!!!

Shortly thereafter…the filling popped right out!! After like 2 weeks!

I went back to Dr. Lopardo who decided that he had better replace it with a silver filling. That lasted about 3 years.

Now, it managed to nearly come out. There was still a little piece left, which I subsequently (and accidentally) flossed right out 3 days ago.

I went there, got the needle in my gums, and got filled. Oh man, why didn’t I eat before this appointment? I’m sooo hungry but if I eat now I’ll likely chew my tongue off. Damnit. I bought chicken and rice from teriyaki experience (next door) and headed home with Mom. I scratched my chin the entire ride home, but since my face was frozen, I couldn’t….”reach” the itch. Very annoying! Dr. Lopardo also gave me a full x-ray of my teeth as I need to provide them to an oral surgeon. You see, I have 6 wisdom teeth that haven’t come through. 2 of them are way up there and Lopardo says he is unsure if they can be taken out at this point. It’ll depend on what things look like when the actual surgeon actually gets in there. My appointment for that is on October 31st.

So, I’m just going to sit here and stare at my rice and chicken/vegetable stir-fry.




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