So I’ve been accepted into 2 of the 3 programs I applied for, and ‘waitlisted’ for the other.


And doesn’t it figure that I’m waitlisted for the program I wanted most, the HR program with the co-op option. But after perusing the site some more, it appears that I can go into the co-op option if I maintain a certain average of which I believe was 70%. That sounds reasonable enough to me.

At any rate, usually when it comes to a waitlist, I guess I might still be considered if some people who were actually accepted into the program choose to go elsewhere, or people who actually want to be in the program don’t pay their fees before the deadline…then they loose their spot.

Is it bad for me to cross my fingers and hope that someone forgets to pay their school fees on time? LOL.

But I still did get into George Brown, and I’m pretty sure that I can keep up with a 70% average, so co-op still seems to be in my sites. Co-op is very important to me, and I hope my current employer is able to offer me a co-op placement when the time comes.

I have until October 15th to accept my George Brown offer, or October 20 to accept my Seneca offer. I think for George Brown I also need to take a math and/or english test to assess which level math/english class they’ll put me in. I think more information on that will actually be in the acceptance letter I eventually get. (Yes, I creeped my application status online because I couldn’t wait to get the letter!! Hahaha)

Hmm, I should probably go to MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) to get a new school back pack. I’m gonna need something comfortable (and stylish, of course)

Another thing I look forward to is assessing the disability services of the school of my choice. I plan on blogging about their services, what they offer, and how helpful they are (or aren’t…hopefully I won’t have to blog about that).

I know that in a few months from now I’ll be smacking myself for saying this, but I can’t wait to get back to school. I want to get this show on the road, get my degree, and get a big girl job, and a big girl place of my own, like a condo or maybe even a house. We’ll just have to see what God has in store, but I can’t wait!

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