Last night, I went ahead and accepted the offer of admission from George Brown. I spent hours just looking at both websites prior to making my final decision. I knew already that George Brown was the most logical decision for me in terms of location to what is important; work and the hospital. It also would be the safest and most convenient location in terms of coming home if I have to come home late in the evening. It’s just safer.

So now that I’ve accepted that admission, all I have to do is find $1400 for tuition…

On Friday, I’ll be getting outfitted for the Flare for Fashion show which is coming up on October 15th. Wow, where did the time go? I’m really looking forward to choosing what I’m going to wear, and I’m also looking forward to walking the catwalk! The show is going to be a blast.

I’m hoping that my cold will subside prior to the fashion show. Walking down the catwalk in a gorgeous outfit while hacking up a storm….it just isn’t chic!

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