I spent the afternoon with Daddy. There’s this great Chinese food place near Sick Kid’s hospital that my dad went to with one of his bosses on Tuesday and he really liked it. He told me that he’d take me there on Friday (today), so we went!

We got there at around 12:10pm. There was a lineup of about 10 people waiting to be seated. I could definitely see that the was a good spot to be just by looking at the waiting people who could have easily left and went elsewhere. Dad and I were annoyed by line jumpers, though. 2 ladies in particular came in. They were well dressed in what appeared to be business attire. They spoke to each other in chinese as they non-chalontly walked passed the line and to the front. Since it was crowded and loud, Dad and I couldn’t hear what was being said…but we didn’t need to. A lady at the front of the line, a very animated one might I add, pointed at the back of the line while her lips moved angrilly. They 2 ladies sheepishly returned and joined the back of the line. What were they tryna pull anyways??

The line up was deceiving. Dad and I were seated shortly afterwards, mostly because there was only 2 of us. The only stipulation was that we had to share our table with others. There were 2 ladies on one side of the table, another two ladies on another side, then myself and dad also, making 6 of us at the round table.

I looked over the numbered menu and thought about what I would get. I saw another meal get placed onto the table and the plate was quite large! Was this going to be my meal size? ? I ate such a big breakfast…I didn’t expect that Dad would want to be up and out of the house at 11:45am. I then had to also take into consideration the fact that Dad would probably be hungry as he usually Fasts on Fridays until 12pm.

I looked over the menu and narrowed it down to one of two rice dishes: black bean or schezuan. I also had to decide between chicken of beef. I first of all decided that I wanted beef, as often times chinese food places that have chicken dishes have chicken pieces that still have the skin on it. Yeck! So after much consideration, I went for the black bean beef.

My dad got his meal in like 5 minutes! He ordered a meal that had duck and something else…I think chicken. My meal came shortly afterwards…black bean chicken???

“Um…I ordered the beef.”

“Oh, sorry.”

My meal with the beef came 2 minutes later. Wowzers! I began eating and realized very quickly that this was REALLY good, and I was quite disappointed that I wasn’t starving and wouldn’t be able to eat the entire meal. But it’s all good because I plan to eat the leftovers right after I type this entry!

After our fantastic meal, it was time for me to go and pick out an outfit for the ‘Flare for Fashion’ fashion show part of the evening. Dad and I drove around for a while before we found the place, so luckily we left the restaurant at 1:00pm and my appointment was for 1:30pm.

I got to Images That Suit, the place that I’d be getting my outfit, at around 1:15pm. I met a lovely lady named Vera who welcomed me very warmly. We went into a room and chatted. She asked me about my life, my diagnoses, the symptoms that I presented with before going to the hospital, etc. She was very kind, a great listener, and I felt extremely comfortable right away.

She asked me which colours I liked, and looked at what I was wearing. I was wearing a black tanktop/boy beater with a grey short sleeved blazer. She came out with some outfits and I was pretty excited about that.

Believe it or not, the very first outfit I tried on was “the one”. It was a simple, almost blazer style jacket. It wasn’t just any blazer, though. It was pretty funky. I stood there, looking in the mirror as Vera tied up the waist of the jacket. She gave me a pair of pants to wear too which were just fantastic. They were brown with a crease down the middle and they fit me perfectly. I naively asked her how much the pants were, and she told me that they were made my a german designer, who was the same person who made my jacket. When I noticed a $500+ price tag on the jacket, I didn’t dare look at the tag on the pants! But hey, a girl can dream. Maybe one day…LoL.

I tried on a couple of other things, like another blazer style top, a leather jacket, a pull over sweater, and a button down sweater. It was fun. I felt like those celebrities with their personal stylists, because after speaking to me, Vera picked out some outfits that were in another room and brought them into the room that I was in. She basically spoke to me, got a feel for who I was, and chose an outfit based on that. She was spot on in that I actually may not have chose those things for myself had I seen them in a store, but when I put them on, I was delighted.

Just to accent the outfit, she tried out two different necklaces: one was a large wooden style beaded necklace, and the other one was a necklace with a flat,large gold pendant. The wooden-style necklace definitely added the exclamation mark to what was a great outfit.

If I’m going to be a model, I’m going to have to get used to taking my top off in front of people! When Vera wanted me to put on one of the sweaters, I took the sweater and stared at her, waiting for her to leave the room! Hahaha…she told me that backstage at the show I’d need to get used to getting dressed in front of others. It’s ok though…it’s not like I was naked or anything.

I had a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished video too. It’s coming up quickly. I also can’t wait to wear the dress that I bought to wear during the rest of the show. It’s fantastic too…and quite the lucky find! 🙂

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