Yesterday was the 4th annual Flare for Fashion show, a fundraiser for Lupus. I had a blast participating in it.

The event took place at the Liberty Grand. I thought I was off to a bad start much before the show even began. First of all, I have a cold and a runny nose. I was sure that I was going to have to walk the runway with a tissue in my hand…very chic, huh? LOL. But thankfully, my runny nose departed before the show…and came back that night when I got home?? Haha oh well, the important part is that it wasn’t there for the show.

Aside from the show itself, I met a lot of wonderful people that I hope to keep in touch with. All of the Lupus models are inspirational and strong women…I’m lucky to have met them all.

Getting pictures were tricky simply due to the fact that taking pictures with a digi cam requires much tweaking when it comes to flash, no flash, etc. Sometimes the pictures appear too dark, sometimes you can’t see anything, sometimes it’s blurry, etc. I posted some pictures below. They are a combo of my pics, my sister’s pics, and pics taken by others.

There were lots of celebrities and media there. Some of these ppl include Kim D’Eon of ET, Canada, many personalities from global, Rachael Blanchard, Katie Boland, Ngozi Paul…lots of people.

It makes me feel great to be involved in an event that raises money for Lupus. What makes this specific event all the more special is the fact that the clinics that I go have lost their funding. This event is the only private fundraiser for the event…and it makes me sad. How can the government grants being received by the lupus research and Toronto Western Hospital clinics be lost? It saddens me because it makes me feel like Lupus isn’t important enough to have continued funding. How loud do we have to yell? How much do we have to suffer before someone says “yup…lupus is important and we need to find a cure?” Lupus affects so many people…many more than people think. I’m also sure that illnesses and diseases that are more well known still have continued funding, even though these so-called well known diseases and illnesses don’t have as many people suffering from them as Lupus does. It’s a shame.

Here are some pictures for the Flare for Fashion show. I’m waiting on some video footage of the show as well. At that point, i’ll post that as well!

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