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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Date Booked!

I headed off to York Finch Hospital yesterday afternoon to see the Dental Surgeon Dr. Slavkin. It was a simple bus ride but it did take about 40 minutes to get there.

It was a short wait to see Dr. Slavkin. He’s a super nice gentleman who made me feel really comfortable by making me laugh and stuff. He looked at my mouth x-ray and made some recommendations. He’s going to have to actually have me in there to take a look at my mouth before he ultimately makes a decision as to how many teeth he will choose to extract. My 2 lowere wisdom teeth are quite close to nerves so he doesn’t want to straight up yank them out, so he’s going to take out most of the tooth but not yank it out so as not to disturb the nerve which ultimately cause permanent numbness.

He suggested that we do the surgery some time in the new year, but I asked if there was anything earlier. I do not want to do it in the new year as I don’t want anything to disturb my school schedule. Also, if, God forbid, I sh0uld get some sort of an infection, I want to have time to get over that and be all healed up and infection free for a good amount of time, in case by some stroke of luck I should be called in for a transplant…? Also, the first day of school is January 7, and the first proposed date that was given to me by his secretary was January 6th. Yup, what better way to make a great impression with your new friends than to have blood and drool dripping down the side of your mouth? 🙂

So, after having his secretary check his calendar, the date of December 23rd was open. I accepted that date as opposed to the January date. The only downside is the fact that I won’t be able to eat scrumptious Christmas Dinner. My Dad will be away in Nigeria during Christmas, so our dinner would have likely been small anyways. (I’m gonna miss my Daddy!)

So, December 23rd. Dr. Slavkin has promised me some primo general anesthetic so that I just go to sleep and wake up with less teeth.

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