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I have appointments coming outta my…

I worked today from 9-2. After work, I had to head downtown for an appointment with Dr. Thomas. I also had to head to home hemo to pick up my documents for my cellcept. Can you believe that my section 8 had been approved in june but they never bothered to tell me? (“they” being the people who approved the section 8). How very silly. I had puchased more cellcept in like August or so and because I wasn’t informed that the section 8 was approved, I had to pay the full cost for it. I hope I won’t have a problem getting that moolah back from trillium. We’ll see.

Anyhow, before heading off to mount sinai across the street, I headed to teriyaki experience to get some chicken teriyaki. Mmm.

I waited for about 20 minutes before seeing Dr. Thomas. Because of the blood clot that developed in my gut, she is understandably hesitant when it comes to prescribing “the pill”. So, she still does feel that my body simply shut my periods down because I’m “sick”. She also believes that they will start back up on their own if there aren’t any other problems. In order to confirm her suspicions, she requested that I do a blood test. When I asked her how I would find out the results of these blood tests, she stated that she wanted me to come back and see her in two weeks. Now, I don’t mind coming back, but I just don’t like the idea of commuting all the way there to spend 5 minutes with her, telling me everything is ok. It just stinks. Oh well, it’s my health…

I’ve never waited so long to get blood work done. When you get to where the blood work area is, you have to take a number. On the ticket you get, it tells you an approximate waiting time. Mine said 21 minutes. Ugh, 21 minutes? How irritating!

Should have prayed for 21 minutes. I didn’t get called until approximately 50 minutes later. In the meantime, I got to sit there, staring at a lady who was sitting in a chair, sleeping, and snoring extremely loud. How very embarassing for her.

It seemed like everyone going in there for a blood test wasn’t coming out. What kind of blood test was this? What I did notice were a lot of the bloot tech/phlebotomy (sp?) people saying goodbye to their co-workers as they went home. Irritating again. After getting called I noticed that there were only 2 people drawing blood. I would imagine that 4pm-ish would be a busy time there as people are leaving work to come here to get blood tests. Why do they think that people want to wait around for an hour to get a lousy blood test? Bah.

The bus ride home was long and irritating. The bus was so crowded. I had to stand and everyone who saw my foot quickly looked the other way or closed their eyes in order to avoid relinquising their seat. I also had the pleasure of having a drunk couple stand right beside me. They reaked of liquor and cigarettes. They kept slamming into my as they swayed back and forth. Ugh….get me out of here..

Anyhow, I’m home now and starving. I think I’ll save half of my teriyaki experience. That way, I’ll have something to eat for lunch tomorrow. The intention was to make something tonight, but I’m beat…!


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