Before I get to the trouble making, it’s important to note that today is Remembrance Day. And, although I was home alone, I did take a moment of silence in my living room…just to reflect. Imagine a person going away to war, knowing full well that they may not return home. Why would anyone do that? Well, they did it for their country. They did it for me. The degree of thankfullness I feel within me for them is without words. Both our soldiers and their families made sacrifices for their familes, and these sacrifices were often fatal. God bless them.

Tomorrow will be my second 8 hour shift at work. I’ve spent the last two days doing some much needed and appreciated relaxing, so I’m hoping that my shift tomorrow won’t drain me to the point of absolute exhaustion. We’ll see. Also, I’ll be needing to brush up on my math skills as I have a placement test for college on Thursday. I’ve been looking at the sample questions on my college’s website…geez, I remember a lot more than I thought I would, but there is also much that I need to refresh my memory on! I’ll be doing that right after this post.

Now, to my 7-Eleven story. I’ve been in my house all day today craving a slurpee. A combination of being lazy and not wanting to miss what’s on TV has kept me from walking to 7-eleven. So, I decided to go around 5pm.

As I was walking down the street, I heard a car horn honking and honking. I usually don’t acknowledge honking horns, but this just wouldn’t stop! I turned around and it was my mom 🙂 I hopped into the car and off we went to 7-eleven. I was happy that I wouldn’t have to limp my way there in my cast.

When I got there, there was a group of gentlemen there. They appeared to be choosing numbers for the 6-49 lottery. As I went to get my slurpee, one of the 3 gentlemen said “Hey, how are you?” Ugh. I responded by telling him I was fine.

“What happened to your foot?” he asked.
“Well, I broke my foot in a karate tournament” I replied.
“…you know karate?” the man asked, looking quite shocked.
“Yep. I threw a kick and it just snapped my foot.”
“Oh, ok. Sorry ma’am.” the man replied as he slowly stepped away as if I had the plaque.

I laughed to myself. I don’t know where that line came from, but it’s a pretty good one! His reaction along with his friends’ reactions were priceless. Poor guy just trying to make a friend and I scared the living daylight out of him! Hahaha!

…I’d do it again, too.

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