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Time Table for School in the New Year: Check

You’ll have to excuse my lack of blogging these days. I really haven’t had anything exciting to report. On Monday I spent most of the day in bed and today I stayed home from work because I wasn’t feeling well.

When I last checked online on my college website, it stated that I couldn’t select my classes/timetable until tomorrow. I just happened to check again today and tada…I could have started selecting courses yesterday. Luckily, only one choice of class was full, but there were still plenty other choices.

I began selecting away, trying to figure out a way to fit in all of my classes without having to get up super early and also sneaking in a free day. I fiddled around with the courses until I figured out a way to get exactly what I wanted: no classes starting earlier than 11:00am and fridays off!

When I clicked on select classes, a message popped up stating that I hadn’t been registered because I haven’t paid. What? My account balance currently says I’m in a credit of 1,462.00, the amount I paid via online banking back on Oct 27. I decided to pay an extra $145 right then and there. It was already 7pm and the college’s call centre closed half an hour before that. I have to work at 8am the tomorrow, which is when the call centre opens. I don’t want to risk missing out on this sweet schedule because I waited an extra (almost) 24 hours. When I paid the $145 (which the minimum amount someone waiting for government tuition assistance is supposed to pay), it allowed me to select my courses.

I looked at my fees payable again, and a full list of the fees allotted to me were listed, including a $125 late registration fee?? What the heck is THAT? I looked closer and noticed that the $1462 I paid was listed under the “fall 2008” semester section, and I’m registered in “winter 2009”. Why doesn’t the stupid computer see that there is a credit on the account? Why wouldn’t it assume that it was for paying that tuition? Do people generally pay their tution almost 2 months into the semester? I didn’t make a payment until a few days after receiving the acceptance letter in the mail. They sure did give me a good finger wagging about what would happen if I paid after November 7th, so I paid before that…and it got all screwed up. Argh, now I’ll have to give them a call tomorrow to make sure that $125 gets waived.

Anyhow, after selecting my courses, I was delighted to find out that I had actually been exempted from the college english course. Yay! I guess they took into consideration the fact that I got like 78% in OAC (grade 13 high school) english. Thank goodness, even more free time on my schedule!

I’m also going to request an exemption from the introductory marketing course this semester since I took a similar intro to marketing course @ York U a couple of years back. If that gets accepted…then i’ll not only be a full time student, but i’ll be a full time student with 2 days off in the week! Woohoo!

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll report back to let you know what happened with my $125 smackeroos!!!

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