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Quality Testing 4 Cookies from Every Batch is unncessary

At work, we’re doing secret santa. I bought my secret santa gift on Saturday after work so that I’d have it for this Tuesday. The limit was $15, and that was ok by me. I bought a cute pair of earrings that was nicely packaged by the store. I hope she likes them.

On Tuesday, we’re also doing a ‘team lunch’. We all contributed $7 and will be having chicken, salad, rice, etc. I thought I’d be nice to bake cookies and bring them to work so I did that today. The process started on Saturday. I mixed the cookie batter and put it in the fridge in two separate clear bags. The recipe recommended a minimum of 1 hour refridgeration, but it could also be done overnight. After an hour, I took out 1 bag of cookie dough that I had made and rolled some out. I rolled out enough cookies for one large tray and realized that I still had quite a bit of dough left in that one bag. I was quite delighted to see this as I had originally thought that I might have to make another batch of cookies. My plan was to make enough for 20 people with 3 large cookies per bag. This was definitely going to be do-able.

The recipe called for the cookies to be removed within about 6-8 minutes. I kept a hawk eye on the cookies and took them out just as they slightly began to brown. When I took them out I felt the urge to eat one immediately, even if it meant scortching my fingers and my tongue. I braced myself and broke the top off of one of the many Christmas tree shaped-sugar cookies. Boy was it ever delicious. I ate the entire cookie. I then ate another one. I looked at the clock and realized that it was 10pm. It wouldn’t be practical for me to bake the rest of the cookies tonight so I put the remaining batter back in the fridge to be baked the next day. I went up to bed.

…I came back downstairs after about 20 minutes and grabbed another 2 cookies…

The next day after church, it was bake to baking. I baked another large tray of cookies, but this time I made snowflakes. The large tray took about 24 large snowflake cookies. I baked those off and was on to the next tray. I made a mistake on that tray. I made the mistake of going to the washroom. When I rushed back downstairs the cookies were already dark around the edges. I put those cookies aside and vowed not to screw up the last batch.

The last batch baked perfectly. I brought the kinda, not really, but almost burnt cookies downstairs where my mother was. My plan was to toss them, but I knew that when my mother saw me she wouldn’t allow it. She didn’t. She pulled out a clear plastic container and told me to put the cookies in it. She proceeded to munch away and the extra crunchy cookies. My dad came downstairs and helped himself to some cookies as well as a glass of milk. Boy, if they liked my burnt cookies this much, how much would they love non-overcooked ones?

After all of my cookies had cooled, I took out some fondant and rolled it out. I used the cookie cutter to cut snowflakes out of the white fondant. I took corn syrup and painted it onto the cookies, then stuck the white cutouts on the cookies. It looked gorgeous! After doing about 24, of course, it was quality check time. I ate one of the fondant covered cookies. Boy was it ever surgary! See, I’m not a super sugary person. I’m sure it would be just fine for others. However I decided that I’d just have one fondant covered cookie in each little baggie that I planned to make and the rest would be just as they are as they were quite sugary already (hence the name ‘sugar cookies :)’ )

I made up all of the individual cookie gift bags, tied them off with ribbon, then curled the ribbon. The little baggies look gorgeous and I hope my co-workers love them!

Now, time to have a couple cookies, eat dinner, go to bed, have a couple more cookies, go back to bed…

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