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Good Shopping, Good Latte

Today was Christmas shopping day. I was determined to most if not all of my shopping today and I pretty much succeeded. I was in the mall for about an hour…maybe a tiny bit more. I won’t disclose what I got people in case they are reading this blog, but most of my friends are getting similar gifts. Everyone is taken care of except for my sister, Mom, and Dad (LoL sounds like a lot more gifts to get now that I type it…) but I’ll work that out. Mom has a partial gift so far so hers should be easy.

After that, it was off to meet one of my old co-workers for coffee. His name is Mike and we worked together back in 2000. We managed to reconnected via facebook. He was overseas for almost a year and I just recently noticed that he was back in town. I suggested we meet for coffee and we did today.

It was great hearing of his stories/adventures overseas. It was also great being able to just sit down, have a soy vanilla latte, and reconnect with an old friend. We hope to do it again soon.


1 comment on “Good Shopping, Good Latte

  1. I always love reading blogs about people suffering a major malady and who are living their life as normally as possible.It’s nice to know I’m not alone.


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