I took the plunge earlier this week. I thought long and hard about my position within the bank. After much consideration, after sitting and thinking long and hard, I finally made that decision. I sat at my desk, opened up my email, and started typing. I typed a two paragraph email. I hovered the mouse arrow over the send button for a little while as I considered whether or not this was the right thing to do. But I had already thought it over and the more I sat there and thought about it…the more doubts I would have. So I clicked send, grabbed my jacket and purse, and headed outside into the car of my waiting father. I did it!

A couple of days later, it was time to head back to work. As I did my makeup that morning, I wondered if I had done the right thing. Have to stop second guessing myself…I knew I did the right thing.

I got to my desk. I logged on. Before opening any of the several systems that I need to do my job, I opened my email. There it was…my manager’s response, as well as an email address in the “cc” field, as she had copied someone else in the email.


Please update Florence’s scheduled hours as displayed in Florence’s email below. She is ready to return to work for her regular hours.


Yep, that’s right. After being on modified hours since mid 2007, I’m finally up to 20 hours a week. I admit, it won’t be easy. I’ll have to work hard, especially when school starts. In fact, I won’t actually know how I’ll feel until I actually start school coupled with work. I do have my disability instructions for all of my professors. I’m going to work as hard as I can and try not to fall behind. I can do it. And, while I’ll be busy, I’ll do my best to continue to chronical my life!

Now, onto boo-urns to birds. Last night, after sitting on the couch and watching tv for a while, I decided I’d start getting things together so that I could set up my dialysis machine. As I reached the top of stairs. I heard fluttering over my head and then onto the window sill near the steps. I immediately thought of Sammy, my sister’s bird. “Aw nuts, she left the cage open!” I thought.

At this point I had already opened the door to my room. Before I knew it, the bird flew into my room. As it fluttered around aimlessly, I rushed to close all closet doors and also the door to my washroom. I looked back just in time to hear the *thud* of the poor bird flying right into the mirror closet door. I immediately frowned and my heart rate accelerated as I thought of poor Sammy. I saw the bird go down to the ground. I rushed over to try and get Sammy on my arm so I could walk him back to his cage.

…wait a minute. That’s not Sammy…

It was a bird from outside! How did this bird get into the house? I rushed downstairs and looked at Sammy’s cage, just in case. He happily rang his little bell as he normally did. I was relieved to see he was safe and hadn’t just flown into a mirror dorr, but also shocked that there was now a little bird in my room.

“Dad…there’s a bird in my room….and it ain’t Sammy!” I calmly told my Dad. The look on his face was priceless. “A Bird???” he asked, just as shocked as I was. “Yup”. I replied. I followed him upstairs and pointed out the bird which was now sitting on top of the curtain rod hanging from the wall. Dad told me to leave and close the door behind me.

I went downstairs. I told my mom what was going on. I heard the sound of banging and things falling off of the table. I was mortified. Mortified for my Dad that he might fall and hurt himself, and also mortified that the bird might get injured. I ended up going to another part of the house so that I wouldn’t have to hear all of the banging.

It was all over in 1o short minutes. A victorious Daddy walked down the stairs. I saw no bird but he was carrying a bag. My dad headed straight for the door. He opened it and closed it shortly thereafter.

“I put him outside” said Dad.


The only assumption I can make is that the bird got into the house when I had the door open for several minutes earlier in the week. I was having dialysis supplies brought into the house. My parents both mentioned that they had heard suspicious noises, but thought they were coming from outside. I mentioned the fact that for the past few days, Sammy would start chirping/freaking out without any rhyme or reason. An intruder stealing his birdseed, perhaps??

In the end, it all went well. From now on (hopefully), Sammy will be the only bird of this household.


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