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Where oh where did my voice go, oh where, oh where can it beeee?

Yup, I’m voiceless.

It’s the strangest thing. I went to work this morning, and as far as I know I was perfectly fine. My voice was fine, I felt fine…everything was fine. I got to work and after a couple of hours my voice was starting to escape me. By lunch time, my voice was almost completely gone! I have no idea what or why this is happening.

I went out for dinner with the girls last night and I was fine then. I know that sometimes if you catch some sort of a bug it can take a few days for it to surface…perhaps that’s what is happening.

I’m very paranoid right now. Many of my past extreme “episodes” started off as something simple, such as a headache, a stomach ache, etc. One of my more serious episodes occured just a few days before school was going to start for me at York University. Now, I’m onto college and am about to start next week. Now…my voice is gone. I’m just hoping and praying that this isn’t something serious and some TLC on the vocal chords will suffice. If not…then I’ll have to go to the doctor and hope they won’t tell me I have some serious throat disease or some crap!

Other than that, today was a great day at work. I work in a large area and don’t often get to see a lot of my coworkers. I sat in a different area than where I usually sit. This allowed me to not only reconnect with some co-workers I haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with for a while, but it also allowed me to meet some new and very nice co-workers too. Ahh…I love my job! 🙂

I received my dell netbook in the mail on Friday. I know I began to worry as the day wore on and it hadn’t arrived yet, but it arrived just before 3pm. I turned it on for a few minutes in an attempt to set up the internet, but was unsuccessful. I didn’t mess with it for a long time because I wasn’t feeling the greatest. I had a headache AND a stomach ache. I’m happy that both went away before it was time to go out with the ladies that night.

Well, I’m going to break out the new netbook and try and get the wireless up and running. Wish me luck!

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