Today was orientation day for school. On any other day, considering the atmosphere of this orientation, I’d have met tons of new people. Unfortunately, a lack of voice is not the best thing when you’re trying to meet new people. Also, these people have no idea what or why I have no voice. Some contagious virus or bacterial infection, perhaps? I didn’t want to make anyone feel awkward.

The day started off with me heading to the lab to drop off some blood work.

After that, I headed downtown to school. It was so cold outside and I didn’t take my scarf. I know that a scarf weighs nothing, but I didn’t want to carry anything extra…knowing that I’d be carrying 10 kilos of books home on the bus and subway.

The bus took forever. It essentially would have only been a 10 minute walk, but I wasn’t feeling that great and haven’t been for a couple of days, so I just waited.

When I got to the school, I signed in and headed to the auditorium for the official “welcome”. The profs and program coordinators and such where all there. They wore black robes with orange collar things. They all looked oh so refined 🙂

After that, we branched out into our individual programs. The people currently in the auditorium consisted of people in the financial program, design program, HR post diploma program, etc. When we branched off, there were only about 12 or so people in the room for my program (human resources). Susan and Anna, the two profs, discussed program specific things. They mentioned that students are able to go to school through the entire summer if they pleased, so I can potentially finish school in 3 years instead of 2. I think I will go to school through the summer. I won’t necessarily go for the purpose of finishing in 2 years instead of 3, but perhaps just to lighten my course load so that I’m taking maybe 4 courses in a semester instead of cramming 6 into a semester.

After that, they offered brown baged lunch. I had little interest in the lunch and more interest in picking up my books and my student card.

I picked up my books first. Thank goodness I ordered them online and then picked them up. When I went to the bookstore, the line up was disgustingly long. Thankfully, because I purchased my books for pickup online, I was able to go to another room to get my books and it took less than 2 minutes. They didn’t have one of my books so I’ll pick that up at another time. I’m also corresponding with my friend who took a course that I am about to take as I may possibly buy her textbook.

One of my books weren’t in stock but they said they were getting more and would contact me when they got them in. Thank God they didn’t have that extra book…I nearly broke my back trying to carry these books!

Now, next to the 40 minute student card picture taking line. Argh. The room was so damned warm since there were tons of people crammed into that room. I felt like I was going to pass out. I met some nice people in line. One of them gave me his email address which is currently in my backpack downstairs. Wayy to heavy to bring upstairs as I was exhausted by the time I got home. And yes, as per normal student picture/id card protocol, my student id picture is just hideous. LoL

When I got home, I fell into bed and relaxed. Not even 10 minutes had passed when Rose called me from dialysis. She said my hemoglobin had dropped to 98 or something like that. I clotted my circuit on Sunday night. I also clotted several circuits when I was not using heparin due to my teeth being pulled. And, it was discovered that my hemoglobin went up when I started dialyzing 8 hours…perhaps my body was missing those 40 hours and therefore my hemoglobin went down. We’ll see what happens next time…hopefully it goes back up.

Now, I’m tired. I just spoke to my boss who called in to check on me since I called in sick for tomorrow. Awww. 🙂 My voice is coming back slowly but surely, so I hope it’s back for Saturday!


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