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There always has to be a trouble maker in class

Today was clinic appointment day at the hospital. I headed downtown by bus and subway with my million pound backpack. I forgot how heavy textbooks are. I also admit that I’m pretty spoiled. For the most part…my father drives/takes me everywhere. My dad is away until next week, so I’ll have to be a “big girl” and find my own way around town. But I tell you, it definitely was not easy.

Thankfully, clinic went well. The only thing that had changed was my hemoglobin which had dropped quite a bit as I previously mentioned. Hopefully everything will normalize by the time I do my next monthly blood work. I also have to head to home hemo tomorrow to do a transonic as I haven’t done one of those for a while.

Before leaving, I took the time to go to my old dialysis unit to say hello to the nurses and hemo assistants. Everyone was very nice and just as happy to see me as I was to see them. I’ll admit…as happy as I may have been to see them, I certainly don’t miss getting up at 6am every other day to head downtown to do dialysis. I don’t miss feeling ill an hour or so after dialysis starts. I don’t miss feeling fatigued out of my mind by the time dialysis is done that all I want to do is collapse in my bed. I don’t miss hemoglobins no higher than 80.

After that, I grabbed some sushi from the sushi place at the hospital, scarfed it down, then headed back to the subway so that I could go to school.

I got school and prompty headed to class. Today was my first math class. I’m so excited to start school, but I can’t even begin to explain how not-excited I was to go to math class. Let’s just say math isn’t my subject. At all.

Before doing anything, I handed my prof my disability letter/package that I am to give to all of my profs. She nodded, accepted the package, and smiled at me. I sat beside a nice girl named Taccara who is my age. As I expected, many of the others in the class were younger. I opted to sit at the very front of the class so I could see and hear everything. My prof seems pretty cool so far and the math isn’t hard (yet…). I was elated to hear that she would bring questions to every class, therefore I will not have to drag this terribly heavy textbook around anymore. In fact, I might just return it. The prof said that any exams/tests we do will be based on the questions she provides us in the hand outs and not directly from the textbook. She suggests we get the textbook to do “practice questions”, just in case. Wait…maybe I SHOULDN’T return that book.

At the back of the class were the usual class clowns. They chatted and laughed and made noise throughout the class. The prof told them on several occasions that if they did not want to be there they could leave. It reminds me of my late high school/early post-secondary days. You can always expect some class clown in the class that simply won’t shut it. I was equally annoyed then as I was today. I hope that they’re not too disruptive anymore. If so, I hope the prof throws them out for real.

I collected Tacarra’s email address at the end of class. It’s always nice to be on a “buddy” system, just in case one of us needs to miss class…something that might just happen to me.

After class, I met another student who had already taken a computer class that I am taking this semester. She sold me her textbook and the cd required for that course at a discounted price. Anything to save money…the books for this semester alone cost over $500.

That’s all for now. I’m gonna get some rest so I can wake up early and head to home hemo tomorrow.

2 comments on “There always has to be a trouble maker in class

  1. I hate getting bad news when I have a transonic because it usually means a trip to the hospital for an angioplasty on my graft.Considering its now 14 years old, I guess I shouldn’t expect any different. I think I could be in Guiness with mine.Hope the transonic goes well.


  2. Hi!I actually found your blog by accident. I haven’t read much, but I’m looking forward to it! 🙂My name is Bernadette! I’m 21 and I’m located in San Francisco! I’m also a college student with lupus. I was diagnosed my senior year of high school. It definitely isn’t easy, especially when dealing with school and such!I just wanted to say hello!Take care!


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