I woke up to the sound of my machine beeping today.

Concentrate error.

I looked at the timer to see how much time I had left before I was done. 4 minutes.

I silenced the alarm and shook my bicart container a bit. The alarm went away, so I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. No point in closing my eyes again as it will be time to open them again in just a few moments.

After a few minutes, I disconnected myself. I put my machine through the two different disinfection processes and that was that. I was still tired. I went back to bed and turned on the tv and decided to relax a bit.

After about 10 minutes of relaxing, I felt like I should be doing something. I grabbed my textbook off of the ground beside me. Human Resources Management in Canada, 10th edition. I read through chapter 1 and tried to familiarize myself with some of the terms. I have class tomorrow (Monday), and according to the posted course outline, I’ll have a test on Chapters 1 and 2 next week. I had better become well aquainted with the terms.

I ate breakfast, and before I knew it, it was time to get up and get ready for church. I wasn’t shocked by what I saw outside. Snow, snow, and more snow. I think we got 15 centimeters last night. When we all got to church, not surprisingly, there weren’t very many people there. I’m sure many were snowed in, others unable to drive their cars up that hill to get to church.

When we got home, I felt tired. It was about 12:15pm. I knew that later on in the day, we’d be going to a viewing. One of my dad’s best friend’s on the job had lost his mother, and we were going to go and pay our respects. I decided to take a nap, so I changed out of my church clothes and into my pyjamas.

“What do you want to eat for lunch??” I was woken up by those words coming from my mother’s mouth. I looked at the vcr on top of my television. 2:27pm. Wow, that was quite the nap, wasn’t it.

I did some overtime at work on Friday, so that may have thrown my body off a bit. I missed out on some well deserved sleep or “do nothing time”. My wallet will thank me though…but I think for the next little while I might choose sleep over a couple extra dollars.

I feel much better after those 2 hours. It almost feels like it was all I needed. I’m glad that I have Sundays off so I can catch up on Z’s on Sunday afternoons.

Back to the grind tomorrow though. Better read chapter 2 now


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