I feel like I’m always apologizing for my lack of posts. You’ll have to understand that I’m a full time student who is employed part time. Oh, and let’s not forget that minor detail that is dialysis. I have to deal with that too. I have to maneuveur my doctor’s appointments around class and such. The last thing I want to do is miss class. If it can at all be avoided, I don’t want to miss class…not for a doctor’s appointment, not because I’m sick…not for anything! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a test in my Human Resources class on Monday. It’s actually my first real test of the year so I’m pretty psyched about that. I spent the better part of my day off yesterday studying for it. I feel pretty comfortable with the material and I’ll continue to study a bit tonight. I also have to fill up my bicart cartridges tonight, so I’ll get right on that after I finish this entry.

Tuesday is business concepts class. Imagine a 3 hour lecture, followed immediately by a 1 hour tutorial. Yes, imagine listening to someone discussing oppourtunity costs, oligopolies, and business acumen for 4 hours. Hmm, mighty stimulating indeed.

Last week, we had to arrange ourselves into groups of 4-6. I’ve always disliked this. It’s not that I don’t like working with people because I do. But, not to sound cocky, but my work ethic and commitment to what I’m doing is not easily matched by others. Some are content with just “getting by” or “just passing”, while I strive to be the best. I strive to be the best in spite of the fact that I have to deal with a bunch of other crap. I never want nor will I accept the “sympathy” mark.

So, a group of four almost found me. One of my group members expressed his interest in being in a group with me. He said that he observed me in HR class the day before and liked the fact that I answered questions well, had good ideas, and had good concepts. I’m hoping that means that he is the same way? Another girl who is also in my HR class is in my group. She also seems to have good work ethic. She told me that she wants to be on the “Dean’s list”. Such aspirations are very encouraging, as someone aiming for the Dean’s list has to be a hard worker. Now, there was one more person in my group who I didn’t know. The girl aiming for the Dean’s list confessed to me that she really didn’t want that girl in our group. She said that she could tell that this girl didn’t have a good work ethic.

This became apparent to me very quickly. When this girl came to move her stuff to our table, she was very cluttered and unorganized. In fact, as she made her way to her seat beside me, she clocked me in the back of the head with her laptop case and didn’t even notice. At this point I was on the phone with my college’s customer service. My wifi internet connection wasn’t working on my netbook. I later found out that it was a school wide problem but I didn’t know that at the time. I was chatting away with customer service when I was transferred to the library as they seem to know more about this stuff. I was on hold. At that point, one of the other students in the class who I chatted with briefly the week before came to me to ask me if I was able to connect. When I told him that I wasn’t, he said he wasn’t either. Then, the girl newly seated beside me said she couldn’t either.

Luckily, I downloaded the powerpoint slides for this class to my computer the night before. As the library picked up, I began to explain my problem. Just then, the girl beside me asked me if I had the power point slides. I nodded. She began to waive her usb drive in my face, asking if I could save the slides to her usb drive. I waived my hand and pointed at my cell phone which was pressed against my ear.

Almost like she didn’t notice, she again began to waive that stupid usb drive in my face. “CAN YOU HELP ME SAVE THE SLIDES TO MY USB DRI…..”

“I’M ON THE PHONE!!” I said, more annoyed than ever.

“Oh..sorry” she replied.

“What?” said the lady from the library who I was talking to on my cell phone. I then went on to apologize and explain that someone was talking to me in the background.

Ultimately, the librarian told me to go to the library to have my computer looked at. I couldn’t. I was in class. Besides, everyone else’s computer wasn’t working so it was probably just an outage.

We then got an in-class assignment. I read the question out to my group members so we could figure out the answer. Both Ms. Dean’s List and the guy in my group contributed. “Umm, what do you think we should write?” said Ms. Usb drive. What a typical thing to say. Typical as in, she has no idea what the answer might be so she just said that in order to get everyone else talking. I later noticed that she had marketing homework open on her laptop and was working on it. Hmm…funny…this is business class, not marketing class…

Well, the truth is that I’m definitely not getting a bad mark for her, nor am I going to carry her, so if I find myself having to do her work, I have no problems tossing her out of the group. I hope it doesn’t get to that.

Sheesh, this is like the young and the restless. More to follow in the coming days…

“…Flo’s test is on Monday! How will she do? Is she prepared??

Flo’s not-so-commited group member “usb drive” hasn’t a clue! Does the rest of the group band together and kick her out? Does Ms. Usb drive clean up her act and surprise the whole lot of them??

Stay tuned to flowonlupus. Developments will be posted as available!”



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